World Cup 2012: Preview and times of the semifinals and finals

These days marks the Club World Cup, a competition which is often paid much less attention if not walk a Spanish team involved. The Chelsea, as champion of the European Cup, is the favorite and most likely have as a rival to the Corinthians, champion of the Copa Libertadores , but will have to overcome before the semifinals.

World Cup 2012

Interestingly, this is the third world in which we see Rafa Benitez, and three with three different teams. He played for Liverpool in 2005, but did not win as they lost the final, he played with Inter Milan, where he won himself just before being stopped, and now plays with the English, where as interim coach and where not to walk too overrun by the results.

In the semifinals, Chelsea and Corinthians will be measured at two rivals who have already played games in Tokyo. The Chelsea is measured at Monterrey Mexican, who knocked in his quarter-final at Ulsan Hyundai FC by 1-3. The Corinthians in turn is measured to Al Ahly of Egypt, which eliminated in quarterfinals by Sanfrecce Hiroshima, a team that had already played before a playoff against Auckland, the Oceania champions.

As the games are played in Japan, The semifinals have the following schedule:

Al Ahly – Corinthians, Wednesday 12
Monterrey – Chelsea, Thursday 13

On Sunday, December 16th, will play the match for third place, while the final would be play in the International Stadium, Yokohama.

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