What sport practice at 30

The younger years, you have to admit, have passed and now we cannot afford to do anything that might hurt, so any risky sport and left behind. To resume the exercise we have to take precautions with some sports.

Golf Field

In this post I will try the sports that you can access once completed and 30

  • Swimming, tennis, golf, cycling or running…. What should we?

We have spent 30 while our knees and cannot stand much more. To start again we will have to exercise caution with some sports. So we have to change sports, because we should not so easy to get plaques that build up in our arteries, and started looking at other options.

The race is very cheap and not much demand for previous organization. Just have to wear the right clothes well as the quality of your shoes is key in this sport. This sport we increase the metabolism, raises good cholesterol and lowers the bad and also improves mood, among other advantages. However, if you suffer from overweight is not the best option for your knees, so that changes sport? Before you start running a medical examination performed.

For cycling, grab your bike forgotten in the balcony. The cycling will help to strengthen the heart muscle so the over 35 should have a doctor check to see cardiovascular health before starting to play the sport. You hydrate every 15 minutes of pedaling.

Swimming is a sport that is very complete and good for all ages. Increase endorphins which are hormones welfare. Top with strength training and stretching. But you have to take care of your skin and hair from exposure to chlorinated water.

The Golf is one of the first sports chosen after stopping play football, because we can make this with friends and not have to take care of both. Watch your shoulders and elbows that are suffering the most in this sport.

The Tennis improves your aerobic capacity, cardiovascular endurance and coordination in each backswing. But we must be careful, as the Golf, with shoulder injuries and muscle asymmetry between the business sides and not clever.

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