Vettel against Alonso … and against the alternator

Considering the huge difference in performance between the RB8 of Red Bull and Ferrari F2012, perhaps the only real chance left for Fernando Alonso to steal the third championship to Sebastian Vettel, is take advantage of the superior reliability of the car from Maranello.

Vettel against Alonso

In the United States Grand Prix, Red Bull -faced for the third time these year-end problems in his Renault engine alternator. A failure of this style in the car Vettel in Brazil next week would open the door for Alonso and Red Bull so they are taking very seriously the possibility.

After a faulty alternator make miserable the weekend Seb in Italy, the team energy drinks decided to play it safe and matched their engines with alternators with specifications of the 2011 season. Despite this precautionary approach, the problem again affects Red Bull and this worries the patron of the team, Christian Horner:

It’s just a concern, nothing else. Unfortunately, this is the third alternator [defective] and obviously we’ve had other teams have had failures [similar] in their cars.

Magneti Marelli engineers have worked closely with Renault to correct the mistakes that have affected not only Red Bull, but other French engine clients like Lotus. Just this week, almost every team that mounted the French power plant decided to release a problematic evolution of device. Red Bull was the only team that decided to continue using alternators previous seasons. So justified Remi Taffin, head of Renault operations, the decision not to install the new alternator in RB8 in Austin:

It’s just a decision, so we put all the data on the table and together we decided that we should go in that direction. We had everything needed to mount the old or the new design.

The feeling was that I had enough sense to keep using something known for years and had low mileage, even if we had a new solution that we have already completed all tests

But that has changed. Counting all the assembled cars, the new units have traveled more than 2000 km in Austin, without filing any failure, and this has convinced Red Bull to use them in the next Grand Prix in Brazil.

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