Training tips for handball with beginners

In contrast to the training with advanced handball players there for the exercise glider for beginners some special training on, he must pay. And the requirements of the educational and psychological stand far above the requirements of their own hand-football skills.

Training tips for handball

Heterogeneity of the group

Almost always it is the beginners’ training so that individual participants have very different starting points. Depending on the sport prior experience and physical basic constitutions have different handball novice, there is often a large gap in terms conditional and coordinative abilities.

To gain an overview of the coach can at the very beginning of the first session of smaller games that require the basic techniques of running, jumping and throwing, get a clear picture of the approximate performance states of individuals and the group as a whole. In addition, the beginner can temperamentally by their social behavior in such games already organize way. Thus, for example early hotheads, team player, leader and troublemakers are detected.

The ball in the center of the training

Learning new sports, it is important for beginners to be constantly motivated and often have a sense of achievement. Therefore, the instructor should first integrate many gameplay elements with the handball as a toy in his training program and always make sure that from beginners to solving exercises are manageable even for weaker players. Primarily to improve the ball-catching and throwing little games in a small space with lots of ball contacts are ideal.

Early switching of the rules

Since Handball has a comparatively difficult control concept, it is very important from the beginning on principles such as the step and bounce rules that pitch markings plus significance and the punishment of rule violations noted and always check the knowledge of the beginner it.

High reps with technical training

Since handball is a very technology-oriented sport, there are many things that need to master even beginners to carry out the match. Here it is for the trainer during development of techniques not rushing from one exercise to the next but the players enough time to practice and to give security to be provided through high reps of a technique.

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