Tito Vilanova trouble again with cancer

Barca him things were going great, with an excellent league position, which had not even dreamed. The memory of Pep Guardiola was slowly fading and they were all good news. The stars of the team, Xavi, Puyol and Messi, extended their contracts, and so did Tello, all players and all the first team.

Tito Vilanova

And yet these last days had received can’t boat even smaller News: medical discharge of Eric Abidal. He return to training is great news for football in general. But all that was overshadowed by a bad bad news today: the return of Tito Vilanova.

This morning, the club suspended its Christmas and Rosell food suspending his appearance with the press. There was speculation that something serious must have happened to the suspension such acts, and soon after the press confirmed the bad news. Tito Vilanova, who underwent surgery in 2011, he suffered a relapse cancer, damn cancer again.

Thereafter, the information that has been giving the press is rather confusing. There are ways that spoke of an urgent operation and others who denied such a thing, no means already pointed substitute’s names. Anyway, rumors, rumors and rumors, and no verified information. Typically, the other hand in most of the sports media in this country.

It is far better and far more elegant, try gently and respect a topic like this and expect an official FC Barcelona rather than speculate. A statement that explains what happens to Tito Vilanova, as far as possible of course, and what measures will be taken from now: if time will be much lower, if you are hiring a new coach or not … etc..

And as I think is right, just for education, we will wait official information and remain silent while waiting. Just open your mouth to join the samples of encouragement and affection that Tito Vilanova is receiving from all levels of sport.

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