Tips to improve basketball shooting

All those who practice this sport have those days to think things like this … “uff but me? If you do not play or ring! ”

Throw in basketball, like everything in life, is usually a matter of habit and when we entered the track before a workout, this time (where we hit “rock” or us a laugh with colleagues before that we call our coach to start) do not give the importance it deserves.

Tips to improve basketball shooting

These minutes we have in the track before starting to train are very important and can be the key to distinguishing between a workouts pulling “peaches”, or one in which we leave for home satisfied having given everything we could.

It is clear that all who read these post players will not play in the same position, but I’ll give some tips for training and warm-ups, in order to apply to all players, regardless of positions that you play indoors or outdoors.

The first shot you do tuck.

By this I do not mean to cross your fingers and wait “get lucky” on your first release. I’m inviting you to start warming up your doll making shots under the basket; those “shoot the square”. In these shots concentrate on refining your technique, pulling the most correct way, to scroll as will your shots from a little further and go slowly gaining in confidence as you go away from the hoop.

Make a rhythm / timing set your shooting

Nobody throws with the same mechanics as the next door and of course I will not get to tell you here the roll of 90 degrees with the elbow, etc… (Not saying it is not important). But when you throw over a practice or a game, it is important that we focus on making the movement of flexion and extension of legs always at the same rate, as this will allow us to consolidate our mechanics and we make you feel comfortable when shooting in any situation.
I somewhat jokingly I call it “feeling the flow”. In fact the trends associated with hip-hop culture in the U.S. basketball are a bit in this line…

Be thorough in your gesture

Most players lose many options to dunk shots because they do not know, do not remember or do not dare (because they think it is going to “dandy” or “cocky”), to make certain technical gestures when making his shots. Such as always finishing stretch on tiptoe and pointing with his hand inside the ring for a couple of seconds to make the throw or bend your legs enough to not force the arms to pull …

Balance your body and vertical jump (or a little to the basket)

We all love to see our favorite players in the NBA getting incredible shots before two or even three defenders and we think we can do the same, totally forgetting that these players train hard every day and have a superior athleticism to great majority of mortals. I encourage you to first Meddle 80% of your shots match, throwing controlling the body, without big jumps and leaving your hand pointing toward the center of the ring, the best example of this is seeing the big jumps Navarro makes for plugging many baskets. When dominated shot correctly you mood to do more adventures of the type “fade-aways”, “rainbows” and other…

I hope these tips will be of interest to you. Later we go deeper into the details of “shooting baskets” you are most interested to try.

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