Tips for learning how to play Volleyball

When one wants to learn to play Volley Ball, we equip properly, while maintaining excellent physical condition before entering the preparatory phase.
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To learn to play Volley Ball, the equipment will be essential, as training and maintaining your fitness.
These two factors are necessary to start learning actions, which will lead to the complete mastery of the sport, what Volley Ball.

how to play Volleyball

Good bases

Learn to play Volleyball requires to acquire a solid foundation needed to learn technical gestures. Material to an understanding of the game, these bases are also physical preparation.

Volley Ball is played indoors. Then you have a pair of sports shoes suitable. Anti slip, these shoes will also be your base of support. Also, to learn to play Volley Ball, you can start with sneakers. Knee and elbow usefully complement your outfit. Then you wonder about the composition of a volleyball team, and the role of each player, in order not to be lost, the day…

You will also work on your fitness. Volley Ball is a sport, it requires excellent physical condition, as it will require of you: to fast start, jumping more or less supported, sprints over a very short distance…

Complex learning

The basics, you can learn to play Volleyball. Your preparation you will do well to devote advice your coach and / or teammates. Although this is a very physical sport, the Volleyball requires that you be as relaxed as possible. As you learn, your body often accompanies the ball, and the least risk of contraction deflects or even produces the opposite effect to that desired. On the other hand, you will place in the vast majority of cases, behind the ball, and not below, common mistake among beginners (s).

Thus, for a high key, you can use your 10 fingers (and not 6 or 8), taking the ball over the front. Your gesture will be the axis. The cuff (to pass for example) you will take the ball, always in front of you. Your forearm joints, you push the ball in the center. But it’s not your arm impulsion power or movement to the ball, but rather your legs. Only the training and the repetition of gestures will make progress in this sport.

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