Tips for learn skidding

For teens, the car is one of the main desires. Everybody dreams of going out to have fun while driving a car or doing different style cruises. One of the most frequent is skidding on wasteland sites or circumvents various hurdles in this way. However, not everyone knows exactly how to get the car out of the way. Through Internet you can learn step by step trick that will make him the king of the slopes. Always bearing in mind that it is an activity that should take their precautions and do so in appropriate sites, use this guide and Captivate all eyes of people passing by his side.

car skid


  • Hop in the car and sit in the driver’s seat. Then turn the key and turn the engine.
  • Expect to take some temperature and move to a place with space to perform the test.
  • Slow down there and put the gear lever in neutral.
  • Start your engine speed to lift approximately 3000 rpm, being in neutral, will remain static in place.
  • Press the clutch and, without releasing the first place. When you reach the revolutions mentioned, while holding the throttle, let the clutch hit.
  • In doing so, the car will start turning on its position. To give more performance, turn the steering wheel all you can to the left or right.
  • The car will start spinning in circles. When necessary, brake deemed after doing so, will skid in different ways. This way you can surprise all who were watching.

Tips & Warning

  • Note that this type of damage to the car stunts. Not only in its mechanics, but also covers that wear the burning rubber.
  • While it is fun, it can become dangerous. Do it only in places permitted or suitable for this type of activity. Always drive with caution and being aware.
  • Never make a test of this type with the engine cold. Always allow the engine to warm up. Otherwise it may break the crankshaft or the pistons, since lubricating oil does not immediately.
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