Tips for Cycling Shoes

The areas with the bike are very different. During leisure, you can bike to work, do some shopping and enjoy the weather to enjoy a trip with the family. In addition to the bicycle clothing shoes belong to good bicycle equipment. In the following article you will learn what is important in the shoes for cycling and how to invest wisely in the new cycling equipment.

Tips for Cycling Shoes

Cycling Shoes Buy – Tips for Men and Women

Before making your choice of shoes, you specify the range. Take your shoes every day, for example on the way to work; it is important factored the weather. Especially on rainy and cold days should be the upper weatherproof. In the lower part of our report, we will discuss the requirements in more detail

The upper material of the cycling shoes

The area of application decides on the right upper. In warm and dry weather, a breathable nylon mesh fabric is advantageous. It supports the air circulation and ensures a pleasant foot climate. So that your shoes can also be really breathable, we recommend special socks.

For cold, damp days waterproof materials, such as synthetic leather combined with nylon inserts offer the best protection. Waterproof membrane like Gore-Tex or coatings ensures the resistance of your bike shoes. Shoes made of genuine leather are a good alternative, however, significantly more intense care.

Our tips: special impregnation to increase water and wind tightness of you is cycling shoes. Shoes made of genuine leather must be greased regularly. Only regular maintenance ensures the quality and extends the life of bike shoes.

Cycling shoes need a good outsole

So that you can vigorously pedaling in cycling shoes a good outsole is essential. A grippy outsole gives you a secure grip and prevents you from slipping when wet from the pedals. The material itself has a rubber sole. Rubber remains slip even when wet. Avoid carbon reinforced soles – although these are more abrasion resistant, however, very slippery when wet.

The damping in a shoe for cycling

The damping system is essential in a cycling shoe for leisure rather subordinate role. Make sure that the sole is not too thin, and you have a good hold of it. If you want to use the shoe about cycling addition, an additional damping system is advantageous.

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