Tips for Baseball players

Baseball may result in serious injury. Baseball is a great way to enjoy the many benefits of physical activity. Physical activity is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Baseball helps maintain a healthy weight, reducing blood pressure and stress, strong bones and maintain flexibility and good posture.

Tips for Baseball

Here are some tips to help player’s baseball to avoid injury and get the most out of your favorite sport.

Warm up

Before jumping on the ground, throw or hit the ball first, take at least 20 minutes to warm up properly. Remember that heat is to prepare the body to physical activity. He must increase body temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate gradually. Your warm-up should include a general part (jogging, jumping, rotations of the arms and trunk …) and a specific part (throws sprints and bursts batting).

It is important that the heating is gradual, without dead time and the player can keep warm before the game. Static stretching, many people are still out of habit or superstition, do not prepare a player to start, run and hit. They are preferred when the return to calm after activity. For more details, refer to the chronicle of March.

Learn the proper techniques

Learn to master the proper techniques of baseball. Throwing, hitting and running require specific technical actions which must be performed correctly. Doing so may develop bad habits that will lead to incorrect muscle memory. Poor techniques can in many cases cause joint and muscle injuries. It is not because you are a junior player that your technique is perfect, especially if you feel pain in the shoulder or elbow.

Even major league players perfect their technique to minimize the risk of injury. Check with your coach what improvements you can make to your throwing technique. Do not forget to throw a ball that involves the whole body and in many cases, arm injuries are caused by poor leg drive, a slight imbalance or poor weight transfer. Many players believe that they are injured because their muscles are weak.

They therefore believe that weight training will solve their problem, but do not take the time to check their throwing technique. Result: the wound quickly returns and their season is compromised. So after an injury, apply yourself to learn the proper techniques before undertaking intensive rehabilitation program.

Avoid overtraining

The overtraining is one of the leading causes of injury among athletes. Gradually go before you push hard. Remember rest is as important as training. Take breaks to allow your body time to recover. Do not exercise the day of a game, because your muscles and joints may be more tired and less alert, which increases the risk of injury.

Make a return to calm

The recovery period (cool down) after a match or training is as important as the warm-up. Take 15 to 20 minutes slow jog and stretch your muscles and joints. This period allows the body with a more complete recovery and faster. By an adequate return to calm, you avoid the accumulation of permanent tension on the tendons and allow the muscles to regain their original elasticity which reduces the risk of injury.

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