Tips for a soccer goalkeeper

The goalie in soccer is the only player who can take the ball during the game in hand. He is responsible for ensuring that the striker of the opposing football team score a goal, if that’s defense should fail. Here I have compiled you important tips for a soccer goalie, which allows you can keep one or two extra ball in play.

Tips that should a soccer goalie


Full concentration

A goalkeeper should try to focus in the complete game. Even though the ball in the opponent’s box. Because if one here is too loose in the game, you could fail at the crucial saves. It is not an always easy. But you should focus the full 90 minutes of football in goal.

The game play is important

The game goes to watch out so you can run out at the crucial moment to shoot the ball from the danger zone. A goalkeeper must be a flash in various situations can leave the box to catch the ball from an opponent.

Angle quickly shorten

If a player tapers alone on the goalie should go to the players, in order to shorten the angle on goal. So you have a higher chance that the ball does not end up in the goal. Try to unsettle by the opposing strikers, so this makes a mistake and the ball shoots off target.

Important tip for recreational teams

Recreational teams at major tournaments should always have a reserve goalkeeper. Thus, a failure of the master goalkeeper is compensated quickly and easily. This tip is for recreational teams. For club teams have almost always a second or even third goalkeeper in the squad.

Football pick from the air

In a corner kick or a free kick, a goalkeeper often catches the ball out of the air. Here you should make sure that one of the footballs firmly in his hand, so he does not fall off and an opposing player can shoot the ball into the goal. If you are not sure, you should punch the ball with one or both hands from the danger zone.

The self-confidence is also important

In addition to the technical possibilities of the goalkeeper must vote for good performance confidence. You should be between the posts are not in doubt, and self-confident occur. Even with a clean sheet should stay positive and focus on the next parade.

Not too far removed from the gate

There are some goalkeepers who are in an attack on their own team too far in front of goal. In a swift counterattack from the opposing team you cannot concentrate as well because you have to walk backwards. For this reason, one should not be too far away from the gate.

Body language is extremely important

The body language of football players is particularly important as a goalkeeper. Pay attention to how a player behaves. This can be seen in different situations, if a player shoots at the goal or not. This way you can adjust before the shot out and repel the ball.

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