Champions League 2012-2013: Open the sale of tickets for the final at Wembley

Coinciding with the start of the knockout stages of the Champions League, UEFA has opened the ticketing process for the grand final this year will be played at Wembley on Saturday May 25 . The format of the sales process is similar to previous years so as usual there will be a raffle with many applicants and too few entries to hand.

And as usual is that UEFA will book a number of locations and is only going to make available to the public 59,000 of the 86,000 tickets they could sell. Of these 59,000 are reserved 25,000 for each of the finalist clubs so if we get the calculator we are 9,000 tickets for the general public, just over 10% of the stadium capacity, so to get one you have to be very lucky because be received thousands of requests from both fans who dream of living the game as people trying to do some business reselling entry are lucky if UEFA warns though that are transferable and each entry is linked to the data provided in the purchasing process.

Champions League 2012-2013

If you want to try your luck you should know that the process to enter the draw opened on February 11 and continues until 18:00 pm on March 15. I do not have to knocking ticket in the early hours because in the end there will depend on the draw and luck.

What I have to do to participate is access the ticket portal has enabled UEFA and formally purchased inputs including payment data that will be effective if fortune smiles you. On April 8 UEFA warn those who have been lucky.

Each fan can request two tickets if paid with Mastercard, official sponsor, there seem to be more options lucky. As for prices, have been divided into four categories which are:

  • Category 1: £ 330
  • Category 2: £ 230
  • Category 3: £ 140
  • Category 4: £ 60

Prices are in pounds so adding them between 15 and 20% for them to be euro and shipping costs that are 16 pounds. For any doubt we recommend you visit the FAQ on the process created by UEFA.

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