Therapy Metta World Peace

Metta World Peace, the formerly known as Ron Artest, does not know what to do. His head would have lost crazy. The poor World Peace has tried everything and has spent a fortune (2 million euros) in psychologists to overcome their mental problems. But not by changing the name Metta World Peace has managed to be at peace with him. It is feared. He knows that one day will roll like old times. You do not know what to do or where to turn.

Therapy Metta

World Peace himself has stated that it is not easy to withstand the pressure of the NBA and less being Metta World Peace. The Lakers player has left out his fury with dropper, for example, with elbows. But inside, he knows he misses those battles in which he indulged his homicidal rage. He hungers for human flesh and do not know when it will be able to control it.

So, as a last resort, Metta World Peace has come to therapy. Yes, to therapy again. But we must say that there is a standard therapy, but the professionals who treated are … children under 10 years. Yes, children. And there’s a video to prove it.

It is curious to see Metta World Peace come clean saying that needs urgent help and suddenly see a girl and say: “I do not know what problems you have, but I’ll fix them.” Or something to that asks how you can make more happy teammates and the girl replies, “When you have the ball, pasasela to a friend “.

As in the classic programs with children involved, questions and answers with tips absurd intermingle so simple, accurate and innocent Metta World Peace should take note of them. Hopefully the kid’s therapy becomes you. He seems to be comfortable with them. Maybe they should make them assistants in the Lakers bench.

I leave the video with subtitles in Spanish, but you can turn them off if you are annoying, the translation is very poor.

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