The Real Madrid knows how to suffer

Mourinho’s team completed a good game at the Etihad Stadium, but only manages a draw (1-1). The City again showed all their weaknesses and rented white set its speed to the counter to generate a number of occasions. Only Benzema drilled Hart’s goal.


Everyone knows that this season’s Champions League is marked with a cross in the White House . This year played European Cup after winning League Cup and in previous years, and the set of Mourinho taking meetings with special ardor of this competition. After stumbling against Dortmund, where the German took the colors set to white, had a duty to show their best side in England against an opponent hurt and foot and a half out of eighth.

And the Spanish team was asked a match with fully enjoyed. The rival one overturned, leaving spaces in defense and with a very hesitant rear. At Real Madrid loves to run and has the right players to counterattack. Di Maria, Cristiano and Benzema move well in dizzying moves that require high precision. That was how, in the first part, the whites put on the ropes the City. Agile football and transitions fast for to expose the defensive shames of the City. Benzema scored a goal and were able to get some more.

In the second half, Mancini’s team, full of quality players like Aguero, Nasri, Toure and Silva, were unable to generate a moderately football stitching and all danger reached base emotional thrust. Aguero equalized from the penalty spot and it was time to suffer following the expulsion of Arbeloa.

But if this team is something a lot of heart and not just occasionally granted to Citizens, who went to the dugout after dispatching another bleak European party. Real Madrid, meanwhile, will head high already qualified for the knockout. That Yes, as the second of their group.

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