No doubt, the National League starts resume confidence in the World Series; it could win a third straight victory this year, which was not seen in ages! Indeed, after see saw the San Francisco Giants win easily the Texas Rangers in five games (4-1) in 2010 and the St. Louis Cardinals win easily in seven games (4-3), facing the same year Rangers latter, Giants, who lead 3-0 after the first three games against the Detroit Tigers, could succeed nothing less than a scan and allow the National signed a third consecutive win, which would be a first since record the sequence of four wins in a row from 1979 to 1982 conducted the longest in league history in this area.

champions in 1979

In 1979, the Pittsburgh Pirates had managed a superb return for displaying a delay of 1-3 after four games, they triumphed 7-1, 4-0 and 4-1 in the last three games and beat the Baltimore Orioles in seven games.

In 1980, the Philadelphia Phillies had defeated the Kansas City Royals in six games, while it was tied 2-2 after the first four parts. In 1981, the Los Angeles Dodgers, who lost the first two games, had rebounded with four wins in a row and thus triumph over the New York Yankees in six games (4-2), but it was not easy, because the Dodgers had trailed in all six meetings.

In 1982, the St. Louis Cardinals, who were behind 2-3 after five games, had won the last two games to save himself with the honors of the series in seven games (4-3) face the Milwaukee Brewers who had a really explosive attack. Has the San Francisco Giants will finish in Sunday, October 28, 2012, or if we have a right to wake from the attack of the Detroit Tigers to avoid sweep? In the history of the World Series – Sequence 4 gains on 1979-Pittsburgh Pirates Baltimore Orioles 4 3 1980-Philadelphia Phillies 4 Kansas City 2 1981-Los Angeles Dodgers New York Yankees 4 2 1982 St. Louis Cardinals-Milwaukee Brewers 3 4.

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