A Euro no fixed venue, the latest idea from UEFA

We are used to a great tournament in any sport, especially team, to be based in a country, or in two or three border. But by 2020, the new idea that has been UEFA change this format is so common and the Euro which must be held that year has several locations around the continent.

michel platini

A “Euro for Europe” is as it has been called the UEFA this project has been welcomed by all federations least Turkey. And it is that Turkey was the favorite to host the tournament, very by above the joint candidacy of Georgia and Azerbaijan, and also the triple bid that presented three British countries, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Still has not materialized much the project, so let’s refer explained how little now the leader of the Championship, the Frenchman Michel Platini. Platini explained that the idea came from the intention to specially commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of the continental tournament, and that the headquarters would be the main European cities of at least twelve or thirteen countries. In spring 2014 they would know what would be chosen.

Platini says that it saves the problem of building new stadiums and new venues, and they are conducive to bringing football fans. And she is right on these points, but also the organization of a tournament like this that can cause other problems. For example, I cannot imagine where teams can install their headquarters if they have to play in two different European countries, and yes I imagine the controversy that a team will accumulate more miles of travel than others.

Anyway, I think all this will measure and calibrate the UEFA for years, and it will cost him his because until Platini himself acknowledges it’s crazy. What about you, what you think of this idea? Are ye romantic tournaments I like life or are you in favor of this innovative idea that Platini has happened to?

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