A month ago, the golfer Sara-Maude Juneau became the fifth Quebecer in history to get his card LPGA. Due to its tenth place finish in the Symetra Tour, she can live her dream to compete in the world elite of his sport after only a year and a half on the circuit-school. During a visit to Quebec for a few days holiday and to celebrate its 25th anniversary, the athlete Ste-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier just started a month later, to savor the magnitude of his achievement. “I’m just starting to realize what happens to me. In one month, my life has changed a lot here.

Sara-Maude Juneau

During my week of vacation in Quebec, I slowly begin to realize what I’ve done, “said Sara-Maude Juneau. Though she believes in his chances and abilities, Sara-Maude admits she crossed steps quickly. “Of course it was not long, but I’m used to quite quickly when the pace of life that it took. I was really happy with the result.’

Now it has reached the LPGA, she also knows that the hardest is yet to come. “My goal is to stay there. Must play well, “she admits.”We must succeed in obtaining good results to stay in the money. I really want to stay there. “A few months before his first tee shot into the LPGA, the young woman did not escape certain nervousness.”Of course I’m a little nervous.

This is something I do not know yet. Yes, I played four tournaments on the LPGA, but it was not a full season. I’ll have to get used to as I’m used last summer. “Away from home for several months, Sara-Maude Juneau fined pleasure with a good friend on the big circuit, Maude-Aimee Leblanc.”Yes. It’s been a long time we play golf together, Maude-Aimee and me.

It’s been that I have not played with it so it will be good. “Even though she is well aware that the competition will be fiercer than ever, Sara-Maude Juneau believes it will be successful by focusing on his game and his progress. And this is after February it will show its know-how among the best. * Based on a report by Pierre Vezina.

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