The 12 best advices about athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot is a subject on which manifests itself not happy. Already Cool puts an end: Here, we tell you what really helps against these unpleasant people.

Athlete’s foot, also called “tinea crozier”, is a fungal disease of the feet. It is one of the most common skin diseases that can be recognized by dry, scaly skin, which – erect – usually starting at the middle toe. The fungus infected skin burns itches and peels – so frequently that bleeding points occur.

best advices about athlete's foot

Athlete’s foot can usually get not because of inadequate hygiene, but for bad prevent possible infection. Sites of infection are not only public saunas or bathhouses but also one’s own home, where you can get infected with family members, which already carry the pathogen.

Men are more susceptible than women, and the elderly, because the feet at the age increases have pressure sores and deformities. Athletes are at risk because their feet are stressed a lot and sweat in the shoes frequently, which in turn lays the ground for the spores. In diabetic patients, the risk of athlete’s foot disease is also high.

Unfortunately, the spores are extremely robust – nearly one in three is infected once in the life of the mushrooms.

Tip 1 athlete’s foot: feet clean and dry
A good prevention of athlete’s foot is dry and healthy feet. You should always be well supplied and kept warm, the skin should not be wet or soggy and any violations must be closed so that no fungal pathogens can penetrate over a longer period. You should soften callused Stance possible and clean with moisturizing agents, but not with aggressive soaps.

Tip 2 against athlete’s foot: shoes dry and ventilate
Shoes should be aired after wearing, and escape for the moisture to dry the shoes. Change shoes every day! Remember: An eight hours worn shoe requires at least as long to dry completely.

Tip 3 about athlete’s foot: wearing slippers
In public places, especially where the feet of many people meet each other naked, you run the check when barefoot! Slippers are the best protection here.

Tip 4 against athlete’s foot: avoid foot showers
Not to destroy the acid mantle of the skin and fat, you should not foot showers in public baths. Used therein usually detergent destroys the natural protection of the skin: How can harbor fungi and germs quickly, increasing the risk of infection.

Tip 5 about athlete’s foot: cotton socks instead of synthetic fibers
At could get rather on cotton socks and abstain from synthetic fibers. They can spray the feet sweat preventive for example with a spray antisecretory.

Tip 6 against athlete’s foot: barefoot
Preventatively applies: Barefoot running is a must for every foot. Use every opportunity provided to you, if it is technically safe seen athlete’s foot.

If the foot of fungi already occupied, you should avoid walking barefoot on the other hand because of the high risk of infection: Because even in carpets, upholstered furniture and bedding can spores fix that should be disinfected necessarily in this case.

Tip 7 against athlete’s foot: feet lotion
To avoid dry or even cracked skin and thus ideal breeding grounds for fungus, you slather your feet always be one!

Tip 8 against foot fungus: Wear Appropriate Footwear
The foot should never be pinched by tight shoes; the toe needs to be safeguarded. So the foot can breathe, a good leather shoe is recommended.

Disinfect shoes: Tips about 9 foot fungus
Preventive or accompanying antifungal that can be used to troubleshoot your shoes are also a therapy.

Tip 10 against foot fungus: treat sufferers feet immediately
If there is a foot fungus infection, immediately begin treatment! If not this, can multiply and even spores infect the nails, which would have a very long nail fungus disease result.

As a first treatment step, you can apply as disinfectants in the form of powder, gel, cream or solutions. Thus, the fungi are stopped and destroyed. The treatment must be carried out for up to three weeks, even if the symptoms have already subsided or are even completely disappeared. In severe athlete’s foot infection, treatment with tablets is necessary. Ask your doctor!

Tip 11 about athlete’s foot: feet first thing attract patients
It is very dangerous when the fungal spores spread to other body regions. Therefore, you should look for when getting dressed, always ensure that you first the socks, then put on the pants.

Tip 12 against foot fungus: change clothes often and hot wash
In an athlete’s foot infection, all towels, shoes and stockings, changed not only common, but can also be washed at least 60 degrees. Do not towel with others!

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