The 10 Best Golf Tips for Beginners

Golf is becoming increasingly popular. But everything is hard, eventually you have to play not only mastered the complex movement. Hence they make a good impression on the golf course soon, before we show the die10 best golf tips for beginners.

Golf Tips

About Golf Tips says every golfer? After all, anyone, whether beginner or single digit handicapper to learn something new. But of course, beginners should particularly keep your eyes and ears open for golf tips. We begin and ask to show you a few useful golf tips that there are to be considered in learning the hip ball sports.

Golf Tips: The Top 10

Golf lessons take
Although expensive, you should just take a beginner a few golf lessons from a professional golf instructor. Using video analysis, special (swing) exercises and thanks to many tips you will quickly make progress.

Technique before power
Golf is not a strength sport. Rather, it depends on the correct swing. Whoever hits with power, will definitely make mistakes in the golf swing.

Training on the driving range
Practice makes perfect. A regular visit to the driving range is essential. But then the ball does not hit like a conveyor belt. Pay attention to swing the bat and also change frequently.

Chipping, putting and Co.
The so-called short game is vital and helps to improve one’s handicap. Putt therefore often go and train bunker shots or hitting out of the rough. Create similar conditions as real golf game.

Head let down
Many beginners have the urge to want the ball on the tee or in putting immediately. The result is that the ball is topped and completely distorted. Therefore, always be aware of the view facing the beat for a few seconds down.

Backswing important than pre-swing
If the ball is hit correctly, opts to 75 percent on the backswing. Therefore, the backswing should always be performed slowly and deliberately controlled completely.

Training is going on expensive equipment
As a golf beginner you do not need expensive high-end equipment. There is instead Regular exercise in the first place. The following golf clubs should a beginner have: putter, sand wedge, Pitching Wedge, 9 irons, 7 iron, 5-iron or hybrid and a wooden fifth

Theory cramming
Etiquette and rules must sit. Even if sometimes boring, no way passes.

If you have the space allowed in the bag, you should regularly play tournaments. Finally, the competition situation trained immensely, you meet new people or club members and you can improve your handicap. Especially important if you want to later times to play a golf course with a handicap restriction.

Golfing in the TV broadcast
Beginners should regularly watch golf on television. Whether tournaments or other programs. Thus, not only the knowledge of the rules can be improved, but you can learn valuable tips from the professionals.

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