All Star 2013: Terrence Ross wins the dunk contest

The highlight of Saturday night’s All Star 2013 was the slam dunk contest. A dunk contest that improved from last year, which on the other hand was not very difficult, and he had great moments with great mates but cooler moments. Perhaps the new format, with 6 players and 12 mates with many attempts and the East-West duel will cause the competition is long and sometimes do heavy.

A rookie, Terrence Ross, was the one who finally said the contest. The player of the Toronto Raptors, which this year reached the league chosen at No. 8 in the draft, was measured in the finals last year’s winner, the Utah Jazz forward Jeremy Evans. Ross was the winner by popular vote system and took the cool prize of one hundred thousand dollars in their pockets.


In the first round, players from the East were much better. Green began with 50 kills nailing his first , and Ross received a 50 for a mate with a performance much more complicated and requiring more repetitions. James White received 45 points after a dunk by jumping one step ahead free throw , surrounded by flight attendants to live up to his nickname of High Fly.

The West however disappointed in the first round, with very loose Faried dunks and Bledsoe. Evans, with a mate jumping on Mark Eaton (a former Utah 2.24 meters) nearly claimed the final. In the second round, although Bledsoe Faried and fixed with 50 each, Evans getting enough points to go round a mate because we had already seen, hitting two balls.

The latter, who was great in the first round, was pretty weak in the second. Green tried to double matte did not come out until half minutes spent his time, just happened to James White. Two of the favorites were disappointing and Ross, with a mate to ensure that was overly punctuated by the jury, slipped into the final.

The ending was not spectacular, but far from disappointing. Ross was classic, as it somehow, and Vince Carter honored performing two spectacular dunks. Evans mattes were very plastic and pretty for the photo, one jumping on a painting by himself (his hobby secret), but less striking, and perhaps that was what I opted for the balance Raptor.

So, Ross won the award and Evans was left with honey on the lips, curious as his competition this year was much better than last year, with whom he won. Touch it keep the good mates and forget we saw expected more from Kenneth Faried, Gerald Green and James White especially.

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