Natural ten tips for athletes

There are various interpretations of ‘ abbreviated training that can be used successfully, it’s important to have the right mental attitude and of course run the 10 tips listed above.


The basic exercises, or fundamental, have an enormous importance in the development of ‘ natural athlete. They are the basis for the construction of a physical quality and cannot be omitted in any type of workout regardless of the lens.

natural tips for athletes

Consist deadlift, squat, bench, slow forward, pulling, rowing, dip, barbell curls, (I personally recommend focusing on these exercises, gradually increasing loads). The total number of exercises in the session can vary from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 7.


Training sessions per week must not exceed 3, separated by one day of rest between workouts. For Hard-Gainer 2 workouts a week.


With the passage of time you have to learn to train so hard, with the ‘goal to work at high intensity and make the repetition more that there was possible to do the last time. The best way to train is hard to reach muscle failure “real”, that is, when the mind, in addition to physical does not make it right to push.


If the goal is the ‘ hypertrophy exercises should be carried out with a load of 75-80% of maximum , no more than 3/4 series allenanti, reaching muscle failure between 6-8 reps, in accordance with a form of perfect performance with a 100% commitment to each repetition.


Study and learn well the correct technical execution of each year, without ever sacrificing it to use more weight than you can handle.


The total exercise duration should not be more than 50/60 minutes. After this period there is an increase of cortisol at the expense of testosterone, which decreases. Cortisol is a very important hormone, but its rise is feared by all body builders, because it has a catabolic effect for your muscles, thus limiting or better locks, levels of muscle growth.


The parameters to be taken into account for the power of bodybuilding are: adequate protein intake and proportionate caloric intake, use of fat monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (the first can be found in ‘ olive oil and a lot of dried fruit, the latter include the omega 3 and omega-6); eat with a constant rate (the famous 3 hours), thus making 5/6 meals a day, eat a carbohydrate according to their glycemic index in relation to training, adequate intake of water.


At the end of muscle development, the rest is as critical as the type of training and nutrition. It should sleep at least 8 hours at night, the length of the rest, in addition to allowing an optimal recovery to training, must ensure potentially a level of growth, so it is important to increase a few hours rest.


I personally consider aerobic exercise to Hard-Gainer, it would be better to wait for the achievement of the first targets before you run it, even if a minimum of aerobic exercise cannot do well.
The aerobic exercise produces several benefits: improves muscular endurance , allows weight loss, improves the ‘efficiency of the cardiovascular system, thereby reducing the risk of myocardial infarction, it allows reduction in the rate of LDL or ” bad cholesterol “and increase the HDL or ” good cholesterol “makes it less likely the onset of diabetes and of ‘ hypertension , and allows many other benefits.
The ideal may be to limit the cardio to maximum not to lose a little ‘ muscle mass acquired so hard.


In this sport the persistence and patience are very important factors. The results are sometimes slow and minimum, but not for this unproductive. The physical quality can be built very quietly, workout after workout, sacrifice after sacrifice.

The beautiful, but also the most difficult in the sport, is to find the right balance between all the above factors, not just one, it is the whole that allows the achievement of the ultimate goal and not the individual items or factors.

There will be days of distress and loss of confidence, but if in the end will be the true passion for bodybuilding to prevail no choice but to overcome the obstacle “mental” and come back with more determination in all aspects of all ‘ training.

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