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Endesa ACB League 2012-2013: The Barcelona falls back on Gran Canaria

Regal FC Barcelona suffered their fifth loss of the year after falling in the Herbalife home Gran Canaria, a result that has been repeated in the last six seasons. Thus the canaries are secured in the fight for second place with Valencia and Caja Laboral, pending results of a pothole Real Madrid, who remains undefeated, ensuring participation in the Cup

Endesa ACB League 2012-2013

The Real Madrid signing mathematically its presence in the Cup after Blusens Monbus subdue home in an encounter in which the whites were more than the score shows. The success of Rudy and Carroll, who scored 16 points each, joined the great game offered by the Madridistas base pair, where Llull went to 22 points, making useless the match of Levon Kendall for Obradoiro. So the Real Madrid gets his twelfth win of the season, with virtually no team would have coughed up so far. Read more »


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