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2013-2014 Champions League: Real Madrid and PSG are close to semifinals

Benzema to Carvajal Carvajal for Bale and Bale inside. Just two minutes into the game and had passed the fear of Borussia Dortmund faded. Ghosts of the semifinals last year vanished and it became clear that the German side is less fierce than met Real Madrid in the competition during the past year.

With that early goal from Bale, with both Isco (surprise in the starting lineup for today), and with both Cristiano Ronaldo (not fault his appointment with the goal in the Champions League), the Madrid scored a 3-0 in their favor, so it has taken a giant step to get into the semifinals. In addition, during the first half hour, the Madrid played so well that the result seems to short.

real madrid champions league

Thereafter, the Real Madrid a little diluted, which made for a few minutes, weigh the uncertainty of a possible goal for Borussia Dortmund. However, the team coached by Jurgen Klopp found a very toned Pepe, and pass to Lewandowski missed. While, the real problem was not the Dortmund midfield onwards, but midfield back. Read more »

Spanish 1st Division 2013-2014 League: Barca wins 3-4 to Real Madrid with Messi hat trick

The FC Barcelona has emerged as winner of the Santiago Bernabeu after an intense game that had almost everything and in which the Tata Martino eventually winning 3-4 to Real Madrid. Leo Messi was one of the stars of grief since their hat trick proved decisive although two of their goals came from the penalty spot.

This marker besides being great news for the club gives the lead Atletico Madrid and tightens the League as Madrid and Atletico are now level on points and Barca follows them just one point away so we expect a thrilling final League and only have 9 days and it seems impossible to make predictions about which team will come out as winner.

barca vs real madrid

The game tonight between Real Madrid and Barcelona was exciting, had a brilliant first part for the amateur, many goals and controversial plays because the last three goals came from the penalty spot and there were some other questionable action. During the first half Real Madrid had more chances but the first goal of the game came after 7 minutes by means of Iniesta had another marvelous performance that although the outbreaks will carry Messi. Read more »

2013-2014 Champions League: Real Madrid thrashed Schalke 1-6

At Real Madrid he was not good about playing in Germany, but the first time it has been measured to Schalke 04 in official party has not given him bad, but not bad, exactly. And the whole Ancelotti has walked by the Veltins Arena and have thrashed 1-6, leaving the tie completely resolved.

Madrid was a cyclone, especially thanks to its attacking trident: Bale, Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo. Each made two goals and had opportunities to do more, especially in the case of Portuguese, who came to despair at times seeing all Fhrmann they were removed.

cristiano ronaldo

Thirteen minutes took Real Madrid to make the first goal, and it was 8 minutes after the second. In between, Draxler had the opportunity to have changed the course of the game, but his shot from close range Iker Casillas pulled it out with more fortune than anything else. That was the only news Schalke in attack, and the only time the Mostoles had to stretch at least until injury time. Read more »

2013-2014 Copa del Rey: Real Madrid will play their third final in four years

The Real Madrid became the first finalist of the Cup of the 2013-2014 seasons. The team coached by Carlo Ancelotti played his third cup final of the last four years, having removed their neighbors Atletico Madrid in a tie that has had only one color, the target of Chamartin, which reflected the strong aggregate score of 5-0.

If the leg had stopped pretty decanted thing for Real Madrid comeback to the point that it seemed almost impossible, the second leg of the story was less than expected. Atletico Madrid shot in the foot stuck, as they say, giving away two penalties in just 20 minutes, Cristiano Ronaldo to put two more goals to his tally amazing.

Real Madrid

The first, of Manquillo on the Portuguese player was one of those penalties committed unintentionally, by inertia, but the penalty after all. Just before the break, Manquillo would fright night fall in bad position after a collision with Ronaldo, in a very striking image. Then, a heartless punish the Portuguese with mecherazo from the stands was not greater. Read more »

2013-2014 Champions League: Real Madrid draw against Juventus and approaches eighths

Juventus and Real Madrid tied to two in game for the fourth round of the group stage of the Champions League, a result which comes in handy when Spanish set with this point and add 10 and remains virtually qualified for the next round. Meanwhile Juve but still left with three options to access the next phase because the Conpenhague beat Galatasaray and both are with 4 points.

The match between these two European classics was fairly open and a draw seemed a fair result for both. The Italians went ahead before the break with goals from Arturo Vidal’s penalty. Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale put the 1-2 on the resumption but soon tie Fernando Llorente to put the final tie.

Real Madrid draw against Juventus

Juve and Real Madrid staged an entertaining match and not because elaborate too much football but because neither once had control of the game and both had many mistakes in defense and midfield that led to an open game with a number of chances. Read more »

2013-2014 Spanish League 1st Division: Classic Barca wins more football controversy

The first Classic of the season 2013-2014 is it yet FC Barcelona. There was little football, except flashes, with one part for each team , there was controversy as always, and there were also experiments by Ancelotti, who chose not exactly the best day for testing, evidence later showed were not exactly the best.

Because the Real Madrid midfielder Sergio Ramos and Bale of false ’9′, sometimes exchanging with Cristiano Ronaldo, did not work, and gave us a firsthand disastrous. So little was the Madrid in the first 45 minutes before a Barcelona losing was not exactly a big deal, and even that was dedicated to speculate and take a step back after the 1-0.


A 1-0 came at 18 minutes. Just when we missed some action of danger in any of the two areas, Iniesta appeared to attend Neymar, who scored with a shot that grazed on Carvajal and snuck into the goal. Attempts association between manchego and Brazil were the best of Barcelona, and the pride of Modric and Khedira the highlight of Madrid. Read more »

2013-2014 Champions Leagues: Real Madrid Juventus beats by Cristiano

The Real Madrid has won, against Juventus at the Santiago Bernabeu, which is his third match in the Champions League from 2013 to 2014. Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo was the star of the night by scoring both goals for Real Madrid, and now add 7 so far this tournament, in a game that will be remembered and has been in the line of what we Ancelotti’s team seen.

No one could say that the Spanish team was superior to Italian, except in some specific moments such as the brilliant start. And in the third minute of the game a pass from Di Maria and Cristiano left only this beat Buffon after regatearlo. No game had jurisdiction because Martin Caceres empowered the Portuguese striker.


After the goal, Juventus went on to dominate the match and created danger on Casillas’s goal, especially thanks to a willing Tevez. It would not be the Argentine and yes the Spanish Fernando Llorente who achieved the equalizer, using a clearance of Iker Casillas after a header from Pogba. It was 21 minutes, so the joy was short-lived for Ancelotti.

Where comes around, not even 5 minutes had passed when Chiellini made a foolish penalty on Sergio Ramos , one of those many grabs that you see on corners and penalties but not lost this time, as usual, by the obvious it was. Cristiano Ronaldo, as usual, not pardoned and returned to put his team ahead. And on to costumes, no news of Real Madrid.

Chiellini would be the protagonist to be ejected with a red card on a fairly rigorous action. Just had spent two minutes of the second half and the game was put to him uphill to Conte. Even so, the Real Madrid killed the match to fall much the pace of play, and Bale entries or Isco not change at all to the team, leaving a sense of uncertainty.

He left a bitter aftertaste for Real Madrid in the second half, although it should be noted that at least did not suffer, except in a couple of occasions when Giovinco caused any problems on defense. The Madrid tied a game nothing flashy but enough to reach 9 points and to put one foot in the knockout stages , is seen as his group.

2013-2014 Champions League: Real Madrid start winning by 1-6 to Galatasaray

The Real Madrid started with a very good start this edition of the Champions League and that has resulted in his visit to Galatasaray win. The white team ended up winning 1-6 with goals from Cristiano Ronaldo triplet and doublet Benzema scored after the initial both Isco was the one who opened the scoring and changed the game. In the other match with Spanish team was not so fortunate as Real Sociedad lost against Shakhtar.

Although the end result was very bulky Madrid also went through times of trouble before Isco goal in the 33rd minute of the first half. Galatasaray also came briskly after the break but Benzema’s second goal after a power failure of the Turks ended his resistance and from there the game if it was very comfortable for Ancelotti who stay with the group lead.


Real Madrid coach made lineup changes over the last league match and, as previously announced, placed Iker Casillas holder. However, football is capricious and luck had always smiled at the white keeper has left after 10 minutes because he had to retire injured after an accidental collision with Sergio Ramos who hit his side. He also played in midfield alongside Modric Croatian Kedhira giving a very good performance and being the best in the crash along with Isco, Cristiano and Benzema. Read more »

2012-2013 Spanish League 1st Division: Real Madrid wins a rare classic against FC Barcelona

Real Madrid vs Barcelona

The fans of Real Madrid are in luck this week because it’s difficult to brag to win two classics in just four days. If Tuesday the white team won by 1-3 at the Camp Nou and got into the final of the Copa del Rey, this Saturday ‘s Mourinho won 2-1 in league match with goals from Benzema, Sergio Ramos and Messi, an outcome that does not alter one iota the title picture, very clear to the club for months.

Decaffeinated, at all hours, without much interest for either of these teams … Many adjectives have described the classic in previous days and the fact is they have been reflected on the field where we have seen a game quite boring at times and only had a couple of major alteration phases and a controversial final outcome dubious move in the area of Real Madrid.

Real Madrid  vs Barcelona

Mourinho was clear that this match was far less important than the next Tuesday against United and so left out men like Xabi Alonso, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kedhira, Ozil, Higuain and Di Maria deploying a side that had midfielder Pepe in men and less common as Essien, Modric or Morata. He also Roura rotations that were without Xavi Hernandez though in his case took a closer alignment to which we can consider holder. Read more »

Cup 2012-2013: Real Madrid to the final after winning at Camp Nou

The 2012-2013 King’s Cup has its first finalist: Real Madrid. A Real Madrid had to win, or at least tie for more than 1 goal in the fief of FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou. And he has succeeded, and leaving the impression that has been significantly higher, it has been easy the three goals to give Barcelona blunt in attack and very helpless in the rear at key moments.

Yes, Messi had a clear chance when not wearing even a minute of the game. And is that the first few minutes were at the Camp Nou in the first against clear of Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo was planted in the area and was brought down by Pique. The penalty, clear and indisputable much they talk and talk Undiano, he transformed the Portuguese and thereafter the club completely faded.

Barcelona RealMadrid

There were times that the Barca players were more aware of the decisions of collegiate ball. Always stubborn to penetrate through the center and with the same weapons, the Real Madrid defense did not cost much, it was enough to be well positioned and delivered aid when required. Read more »


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