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“I do not know if Neymar play at Barca or Madrid”

The ‘adopted brother’ football player predicts Santos Neymar next landing in Europe. However, it fails to decide on a destination…

In an interview for Todomercadoweb, Jo Amancio two Santos has ruled that Neymar end up playing for Barcelona or Real Madrid . Who is Jo Amancio dos Santos? He is very close to the footballer’s Santos, both considered ‘adoptive brothers’. They met at age 13, lived in the same house for seven years and shared team, the Saints, until 2010.


Hence Amancio Jo dos Santos, tested in Leganes, is an authority to talk on his friend Neymar and his statements monopolize the attention of the press. His last words, as we said, predicting Neymar landing in Spain, since the player has confirmed. Read more »


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