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European women’s handball 2012: calendar list of the first phase

From 4 to 16 December in Serbia held the 10th edition of the UEFA European Women’s Handball, and as there will be the Spanish, and probably with the potential to fight for everything, you have to be aware of what happens. And for that, you better know when they play our Warriors and against what opponents during the first phase.

2012 women handball

16 Teams, divided into four groups of four teams each have been classified for this tournament. Spain have been drawn in Group C alongside Croatia, Germany and Hungary, selections in recent tournaments have had better results than Spain. The top three from each group go on to the next round, where they will form two groups, with the best of A and B and one of C and D in another.

In this phase, each team will play three more games, only against opponents from the other group. This means that Spain, then move on, would face three teams from Group D. Counting the victories of the previous phase of this stage, the top two teams from each group would go to the semifinals , while the third would play a match for fifth and sixth.

Known as the format, now let the calendar:

  • Germany – Spain, December 4
  • Spain – Croatia, December 5
  • Hungary – Spain, December 6

And only after the calendar, we now know the list of girls that made Coach Jorge Duenas and represent us in the European Championship:

Porters: Cristina Gonzalez (Leon Handball) and Silvia Navarro (Oltchim Valcea – Romania).

Extremes: Carmen Martin (Krim Mercator – Slovenia), Jessica Alonso (Zajecar – Serbia), Elisabeth Pinedo (Bera Bera) and Vanessa Amoros (Atletico keep).

Sides: Nely Carla Alberto (Fleury Loriet – France), Beatriz Fernandez (Fleury Loriet – France), Marta Mangue (Zajecar – Serbia), Elisabeth Chavez (Nice – France), Nerea Pena (Rail Cargo – Hungary), Patricia Elorza (Bera Bera) and Alexandrina Cabral (Oltchim Valcea – Romania).

Pivots: Veronica Cuadrado (KIV Vejen – Denmark) and Begona Fernandez (Zajecar – Serbia).
Central: Macarena Aguilar (Randers – Denmark).


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