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Frequent injuries: the hamstring

One of the most common injuries in both those who practice sport regularly is the hamstring. This lesion, as its name indicates, is produced by the breaking of some muscle fibers, usually produced by forced stretching while the muscle is contracted even though it can also be due to a bruise.

When not only break some fibers, but also the fascia, coverage that protects the muscles, we face a muscle tear, an injury more serious than fibrillar.

hamstring injury


The first sign that there was a hamstring is a very intense, throbbing pain, as if we had nailed something or thrown something. Then note the contracting muscle pain, inflammation and a hematoma appears. It is very important to notice any of these symptoms, immediately stop the activity you are doing, not to worsen the injury. Read more »

Five Ways to Avoid Sports Injuries

Playing sports is fun. Getting hurt is not. Follow these steps to avoid sports injuries and to stay in the game:

  • Wear protective gear, such as helmets, gloves, knee pads and the like.
  • Warm up before playing sports.
  • Know and respect the rules of the game.
  • Note to others.
  • Do not play when you’re injured.

sports injuries

Delve a bit at each of these points.

Wear protective gear
For protective equipment, understand anything you wear to help you avoid hurt. The gear you wear depends on the type of sport you play. The helmet is the most protective element is used. It protects the head, a very important part of the body, when you play rugby, hockey or baseball or when you ride, skate or go skateboarding, to name a few! Read more »


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