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Degradation Team

Frank de Boer template this season has experienced a reduction in quality. One of the reasons has been the market’s summer, which lagged behind key pieces have left Amsterdam. It is not advisable to bring to memory to Ajax played in the Bernabeu last year. The current is different, a degraded version, and facing a top Real Madrid and going in ascending line.

Degradation Team

Sacrifice in the output

Ajax can be used a 4-3-3 with interiors of llegadora nature such as Siem of Jong and Eriksen. To get to the counter area comes by the Center and with pivot, Poulsen, not enough them. They need a base of two men. An interior is sacrificed to exit 4-2-1-3. Lost ability to surprise and give rise to Real Madrid press, steal, move away to other more offensive 4 men and even install to their re-spreader between the lines. Read more »


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