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How to steal the ball at an opponent in football

In football, it is essential that the defenders of a team able to steal the ball to the opponents, without committing a foul, so as to start an action for their team. This guide shows some basic techniques to avoid being overcome by the opponent and to steal the ball.

You need:

  • Ball
  • An opponent

How to steal the ball

  • The first thing that a defender of a football team should do when he is encounter an opponent with the ball at his feet is stalling, that one should never throw the ball recklessly because doing so makes it easier to dribble the opponent, but rather you have to stand in front of attacker waiting for the best time to steal the ball, it is also important that you should always try to watch the movements of the ball and not those of the opponent’s legs, to avoid fall in some of his pretended to dribbling.
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