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2013-2014 Champions League: Real Madrid wins the Bayern goal by Benzema

The Real Madrid has taken a slight lead in the tie will face Bayern Munich and has taken a small step toward the final imposing 1-0 in the first leg. Benzema scored the only goal of an intense, exciting game and much more attractive for spectators on Tuesday disputed between Atletico Madrid and Chelsea.

The white set has a game less to more, has survived a quarter-hour fantastic domain that has put Bayern football and has had possession but has only caused a really clear goal occasion. For his part, Madrid has played on equal terms in the second half and could even go with a better result but the 1-0 is positive because it forces the Bayern to score and also has the added had not conceded a goal in house.


Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale were doubt until the last minute and end Ancelotti had Portuguese as owner but by Welsh Isco entered by the Madrid adopt a clear 4-4-2 that was a good idea given the superiority of the Bayern midfield. Whites, before a Bernabeu that looked great, came with the intention of pushing up but just did a couple of plays for Bayern triangulated good to go with the ball played and make futile attempt to pressure whites. Read more »

2013-2014 Champions League: Real Madrid just 10 for Galatasaray thrashing

The Real Madrid keeps walking steadily in the Champions League on Wednesday and has added another victory against Galatasaray with his pass certifying as group. White prevailed 4-1 to a weak Turkish group that did not use the Spanish team played a man down for more than half a game after the expulsion of Sergio Ramos.

Ancelotti not played much in this match since the classification was insured and it showed in the lineup and the game deployed in the first half. In the alignment of the Italian coach appeared less common names or the Jesse Casimiro to replace Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema and Xabi Alonso who only played in the second half much noticing his entry into the game.

gareth bale

The lack of intensity of white made the first half was not brilliant. Gareth Bale was the main protagonist of the offensive plays for Real Madrid and had a first hand to hand in illegal position which left but sent out. Galatasaray did not put them too but a little more expensive the game when Sergio Ramos saw red when Bulut won the game on a contention by the long ball and then put a lot of him to fall when the Andalusian was the last defense. Read more »

2013-2014 Champions League: Real Madrid draw against Juventus and approaches eighths

Juventus and Real Madrid tied to two in game for the fourth round of the group stage of the Champions League, a result which comes in handy when Spanish set with this point and add 10 and remains virtually qualified for the next round. Meanwhile Juve but still left with three options to access the next phase because the Conpenhague beat Galatasaray and both are with 4 points.

The match between these two European classics was fairly open and a draw seemed a fair result for both. The Italians went ahead before the break with goals from Arturo Vidal’s penalty. Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale put the 1-2 on the resumption but soon tie Fernando Llorente to put the final tie.

Real Madrid draw against Juventus

Juve and Real Madrid staged an entertaining match and not because elaborate too much football but because neither once had control of the game and both had many mistakes in defense and midfield that led to an open game with a number of chances. Read more »

2013-2014 Champions League: Real Madrid wins to Copenhagen doubles by Cristiano Ronaldo and Di Maria

The Real Madrid has fulfilled predictions that gave as a favorite against Copenhagen and has resulted in winning his second game of the group stage of the Champions League. Whites did not have too many problems with the Danish champion prevailed 4-0 doubles by Cristiano Ronaldo and Angel Di Maria.

Carlo Ancelotti’s team did not sentence the game until midway through the second half and before going to rest suffered a bit because the mark was closest to Copenhagen after a shot against the crossbar and back possible penalty of Modric by hand but the referee did not say anything.

Cristiano Ronaldo

In the second half Di Maria stole the show and was instrumental in that whites had a comfortable end of game that could give minutes to homegrown as Morata and Jesse. The Real Madrid arrived at the party after the defeat against Atletico Madrid and had before it a good opportunity to redress their injuries against an opponent who promised to be quite comfortable. Read more »

2013-2014 Champions League: Real Madrid start winning by 1-6 to Galatasaray

The Real Madrid started with a very good start this edition of the Champions League and that has resulted in his visit to Galatasaray win. The white team ended up winning 1-6 with goals from Cristiano Ronaldo triplet and doublet Benzema scored after the initial both Isco was the one who opened the scoring and changed the game. In the other match with Spanish team was not so fortunate as Real Sociedad lost against Shakhtar.

Although the end result was very bulky Madrid also went through times of trouble before Isco goal in the 33rd minute of the first half. Galatasaray also came briskly after the break but Benzema’s second goal after a power failure of the Turks ended his resistance and from there the game if it was very comfortable for Ancelotti who stay with the group lead.


Real Madrid coach made lineup changes over the last league match and, as previously announced, placed Iker Casillas holder. However, football is capricious and luck had always smiled at the white keeper has left after 10 minutes because he had to retire injured after an accidental collision with Sergio Ramos who hit his side. He also played in midfield alongside Modric Croatian Kedhira giving a very good performance and being the best in the crash along with Isco, Cristiano and Benzema. Read more »

Dortmund beats Real Madrid 4-1 at starring Robert Lewandowski

The Spanish-German double match that threw up the semi-final draw for Champions League has, at least for the moment, a clear winner and certainly Germany. For if we told Tuesday that the Bayern Munich passed over Barca and won 4-0, on Wednesday has happened pretty much the same to Real Madrid in Dortmund dropped a 4-1 so the possibility of an all-German end is pretty close.

Borussia Dortmund was better than Real Madrid; he ran over at times and took advantage of the defensive weakness with a spectacular white Robert Lewandowski who scored all four goals of the game, three of them in the first leg of the second half. Earlier, Cristiano Ronaldo had been faithful to their appointment with the goal and that gives a glimmer of hope to all white still need a major comeback to keep dreaming of the tenth.

dortmund vs real madrid

Dortmund and Real Madrid took the field with no surprises in their lineups. The German recovered to Hummels in defense while in the white set Modric was in midfield while yielding as gray as or more than their peers and, Sergio Ramos, as expected, on the right wing as cover for Arbeloa so Varane and Pepe shared the center of defense. Read more »

Real Madrid wins 3-0 at Galatasaray and goes to semifinals

This Wednesday the Real Madrid football teams have put a foot in the upcoming Champions League semifinals. The set of Jose Mourinho has made good predictions given to him as clear favorite against Galatasaray and this has been confirmed by winning 3-0 with goals from Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema and Higuain. In the other match of the night, the Malaga scoreless draws against Dortmund.

The truth is that Real Madrid has won the victory but also the Turkish side, despite the result, also had their options to start something more positive marker for their interests.

Real Madrid

However, they were misguided in front of goal and the referee also brushed aside a penalty in the final stretch of the game so things have not been going for whites almost see in semifinals as evidenced by the fact that the forced yellow last minute match. Read more »

2012-2013 Spanish League 1st Division: Real Madrid wins a rare classic against FC Barcelona

Real Madrid vs Barcelona

The fans of Real Madrid are in luck this week because it’s difficult to brag to win two classics in just four days. If Tuesday the white team won by 1-3 at the Camp Nou and got into the final of the Copa del Rey, this Saturday ‘s Mourinho won 2-1 in league match with goals from Benzema, Sergio Ramos and Messi, an outcome that does not alter one iota the title picture, very clear to the club for months.

Decaffeinated, at all hours, without much interest for either of these teams … Many adjectives have described the classic in previous days and the fact is they have been reflected on the field where we have seen a game quite boring at times and only had a couple of major alteration phases and a controversial final outcome dubious move in the area of Real Madrid.

Real Madrid  vs Barcelona

Mourinho was clear that this match was far less important than the next Tuesday against United and so left out men like Xabi Alonso, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kedhira, Ozil, Higuain and Di Maria deploying a side that had midfielder Pepe in men and less common as Essien, Modric or Morata. He also Roura rotations that were without Xavi Hernandez though in his case took a closer alignment to which we can consider holder. Read more »

Cup 2012-2013: Real Madrid to the final after winning at Camp Nou

The 2012-2013 King’s Cup has its first finalist: Real Madrid. A Real Madrid had to win, or at least tie for more than 1 goal in the fief of FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou. And he has succeeded, and leaving the impression that has been significantly higher, it has been easy the three goals to give Barcelona blunt in attack and very helpless in the rear at key moments.

Yes, Messi had a clear chance when not wearing even a minute of the game. And is that the first few minutes were at the Camp Nou in the first against clear of Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo was planted in the area and was brought down by Pique. The penalty, clear and indisputable much they talk and talk Undiano, he transformed the Portuguese and thereafter the club completely faded.

Barcelona RealMadrid

There were times that the Barca players were more aware of the decisions of collegiate ball. Always stubborn to penetrate through the center and with the same weapons, the Real Madrid defense did not cost much, it was enough to be well positioned and delivered aid when required. Read more »


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