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Cup 2012-2013: Real Madrid and Barcelona tied at 1 in the Bernabeu

Draw a 1. That was the score of the first Classic of 2013, the first game between Real Madrid and Barcelona, corresponding to the first leg of the semifinals of the Copa Del Rey. Although there were fewer goals than we had been accustomed lately these two teams, the show lived up in a game that had crazy moments, return, And in which there were many occasions for each side.

Both goals came in the second half after a goalless first 45 minutes sometimes but not. Both Madrid and Barcelona had options, but the feeling in the first half was that Real Madrid was better, much more comfortable in that battle of comings and goings . Barca instead, quickly lost the ball, and no one dared to attack with many effective cons aware that Real Madrid could be lethal, and yet, at the Catalans won points.

Real Madrid and Barcelona

The first time the Pinto resolved, saving a shot from Cristiano Ronaldo, the only fault that Barcelona did in the first half, 2 minutes. Before the Real Madrid back to shoot at goal, through Benzema in the 27th minute, the crossbar repelled a lack of Xavi and Varane saved a goal sung in goal after a gift of Carvalho. And those were the clearest plays for each team, in terms of spiking because arrivals was not enough and ended up at auction by the central defenses of each team. Read more »

Cup 2012-2013: Sevilla and Real Madrid are already in semifinals

Today two teams have managed to qualify for the semifinals of the Copa del Rey 2012-2013, Sevilla and Real Madrid, which by the way expect rival. The Andalusians, who eliminated Real Zaragoza, will face either Atletico Madrid or Real Betis, while Madrid, who has eliminated Valencia, will face either to Malaga or Barcelona.

Sevilla and Real Zaragoza opened fire in the day today, in a very open game after the goalless draw in the first leg. From the beginning it was seen that the locals were wearing the initiative, and chewed the Sevilla goal. In addition, the road is paved lot for Emery after the defense Fernandez, a winter signing of Zaragoza, was ejected with a straight red card.

Valencia RealMadrid

Alvaro Negredo and Rakitic marked for Sevilla in the 36th minute and 45 respectively, leaving the game quite track. In the second half, another player was ejected Zaragoza, Fran Gonzalez, after committing penalty on the Brazilian Cicinho. Negredo transformed the maximum penalty in the 66th minute, and set the 3-0 final would not, as yet had time Manu Moral of making it 4-0 in injury time. Read more »


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