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Cup 2012-2013: Real Madrid to the final after winning at Camp Nou

The 2012-2013 King’s Cup has its first finalist: Real Madrid. A Real Madrid had to win, or at least tie for more than 1 goal in the fief of FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou. And he has succeeded, and leaving the impression that has been significantly higher, it has been easy the three goals to give Barcelona blunt in attack and very helpless in the rear at key moments.

Yes, Messi had a clear chance when not wearing even a minute of the game. And is that the first few minutes were at the Camp Nou in the first against clear of Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo was planted in the area and was brought down by Pique. The penalty, clear and indisputable much they talk and talk Undiano, he transformed the Portuguese and thereafter the club completely faded.

Barcelona RealMadrid

There were times that the Barca players were more aware of the decisions of collegiate ball. Always stubborn to penetrate through the center and with the same weapons, the Real Madrid defense did not cost much, it was enough to be well positioned and delivered aid when required. Read more »

Cup 2012-2013: schedules and broadcasts the second leg semifinal

copa del rey

This week we rested for Champions League and Europa League but that does not mean we run out of football and strong emotions. The reason is that we have the second leg of the semifinals of the Copa Del Rey so about midnight on Wednesday know the names of the two teams will fight for the title this season.

As usual the derby between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid will grab the most attention. This game will be played on Tuesday from 21:00 pm and will be followed by Canal +. The second semifinal will be played on Wednesday at 22:00 pm and she will seek their ticket to the final Sevilla and Atletico Madrid.

copa del rey

With the Liga practically decided, for better or worse Barca and the whites, both Real Madrid and Barca thought this party over the weekend and did some rotations though perhaps not as long as they would have preferred since both had to trace their games against Deportivo and Sevilla. Both have a big stake in this particular game but Real Madrid also arrives at Camp Nou with the need to go back after the 1-1 that occurred in the first leg. Read more »


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