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2013-2014 Champions League: Barcelona tie, tie in Manchester

It was the fourth time they faced Barcelona and Atletico Madrid and, as in the three previous occasions, he finished the match in a draw. As before, Barcelona had the ball but struggled to create chances, while Atletico was used hard, intense or if you prefer, without the ball and hoped their luck in attacking genius.

That genius came thanks to Diego Ribas. The Brazilian, who came in for the injured Diego Costa Pinto surprised with a big shot and dynamited a meeting that had hitherto been somewhat bland, and had only had a couple of chances to David Villa as the main attraction. With the score 0-1 in 35 minutes to go, Barcelona had no choice but to turn to attack.

2013-2014 champions league

Another Brazilian, Neymar, would do the other goal of the night. It had been 15 minutes after the Atletico goal and a brilliant pass from Iniesta left tray Neymar in the equalizer. From here, Atletico gave good result in this tie and was entrusted to Courtois. The Belgian, as usual in recent months, saving his team responded when I needed it, so the Atleti advantage to come back. Read more »

2013-2014 Champions Leagues: Messi, Alves and Ibrahimovic to give advantage to Barcelona and Manchester City and PSG Lerverkusen

Tuesday football fans we must with the Champions League returning after several weeks of break. The night has been entertaining and has been fruitful for FC Barcelona and PSG have gotten away victories against Manchester City and Bayer Leverkusen that bring them to the quarterfinals.

Barca’s victory was 0-2 with a goal from a penalty not without controversy converted by Messi. The action was key because it seemed out of the area and caused the expulsion of Demichelis, something that depleted much options City who finished second fitting achieved by Alves almost added.

barcelona and manchester city

PSG’s victory was much larger and had to Ibrahimovic starring as the Swede has scored two goals in his team’s victory by 0-4, a result that leaves them virtually qualified for the quarter. Read more »

2013-2014 Copa del Rey: Barcelona beat Real with controversy and luck

What things can change in a minute? You can go to have a penalty for and with the removal of a rival, to be a goal and a player less. That’s what happened to the Royal Society, which looks like you are not whistled a penalty of Mascherano, to concede a goal of Busquets and Inigo was ejected for protesting, just took a minute.

To make matters worse, the San Sebastian team got a goal in itself more surreal door in recent times. After a shot to stick Alexis Sanchez to Elustondo you forgot a basic rule for any defensive player, there is no clear for the center. He did, smashed the ball over the body of Zubicaray, hence the back of the net.

barcelona copa del rey

Thus, controversy and a good dose of luck, Barcelona won 2-0 in the first leg of the semifinals of the Copa Del Rey. A party which, by the way, just up enthusiasm, as reflected in the fact that there was not even 40 thousand people in the stands of the Camp Nou. And we’re talking about a semifinal for a title. This is the league and the Cup, some want. Read more »

Cup 2013-2014: Atletico and Barcelona Semifinal

The Atletico Madrid has certified its classification to the semifinals of the Copa del Rey doing what no other team had done so far, winning the New San Mames. Those things for Simeone were not quite right because the tie Athletic equalized with a goal from Aduriz, so it was a fair prize to push Lions in the first half.

However, in the second half, Atletico fruit stretched their lines and it found the goal of victory. The first was born in a dead-ball situation in which Herrerin saved the first shot of Raul Garcia, but could not prevent the second in the continuation of the same. The second one came to the counter, 5 minutes from the end, and its author was Diego Costa, marking his first goal in this year 2014.

copa del rey semifinales

In Barcelona, with much rain as in Bilbao, Barca thrashing Levante again, this time 5-1 to seal a tie that had no color. Yes, just like in the leg or in their recent league clash was the team that Joaquin Caparros which is up by following a dead-ball Sergi Roberto in which the ball into his own goal. Read more »

2012-2013 Champions Leagues: Bayern just with Barca in the first leg

The Barca fans dream of seeing Barca lift the fifth day at Wembley on May 25 has completely vanished at a stroke, after watching the Bayern Munich happened literally over Barca team. And is that any analysis or any excuse is vain seen as a team, he has played and as it has played the other, apart from the delivery of each.

Bayern have been better absolutely everything, so excuse the defeat on refereeing errors is a mistake. It was because Kassai night was terrible, but the Hungarian was wrong for everyone. The only thing that was not as bad as the referee was the Football Club Barcelona itself, unrecognizable, and sterile despite enjoying more than 60% possession.

mario gomez

In the first minute of play, Bayern and warned with an opportunity to Robben desbarataba Valdes. Barca had the ball, but most of the time in the field, the circulation was very slow, Messi did not appear, the ends did not help the defense what they needed, were granted many corners … Anyway, all were trouble for Vilanova, problems for which the technician did not find solution. Read more »

Barca draw in Paris, Bayern beat Juve

The Barcelona has going for her quarter-final Champions League with PSG after tying 2 in the Parc des Princes. However, the feeling that he has been to the Catalans is somewhat bittersweet, as they came to get ahead on the scoreboard twice.

Barca cost him take control of the game during the first moments, and even Lavezzi had a clear chance on a play that ended up on the stick. Gradually, the club began to knead the ball but did not generate any real chance of Sirigu’s goal, and even went so wrong somewhere to play against the Parisians.


Still, the rest would go to Barca ahead with a goal from Messi after a great pass from Dani Alves . A Messi he played several minutes with a knee injury, injury that prevented him from going out there in the second half. Barca missed its star, and Alexis missed a couple of arrivals so the score did not move again until the final minutes. Read more »

2012-2013 Champions Leagues: Barcelona to quarters with Galatasaray

It took the best Barcelona to do the comeback against AC Milan, and that was what we saw in the Nou Camp tonight. Or at least, if not the best, a slightly better than we’ve seen in recent big games, plugged much, much more active without the ball, and muchmore direct and incisive with it, without compromising on style that has elevated, of course.

All this, of course, made it much easier Messi goal four minutes, behind a wall and surrounded with Xavi Milan players. The most complicated, open the can, and had achieved sooner than expected Milan. The resistance Rossoneri fell apart and Allegri’s approach, which he said he was going to play at the Camp Nou attack, and had water.

Barcelona Milan

Everything had changed, of course, if Niang had used the unique gift of the Barca defense but this time the post saved the Catalans. This new opportunity the advantage moments later Leo Messi,scoring the goal of 2-0 before the break. From 1-1 to 2-0, to be with half a foot would be with half a foot inside. So cruel or pleasure is football for forgiving and for which not. Read more »

2012-2013 Spanish League 1st Division: Real Madrid wins a rare classic against FC Barcelona

Real Madrid vs Barcelona

The fans of Real Madrid are in luck this week because it’s difficult to brag to win two classics in just four days. If Tuesday the white team won by 1-3 at the Camp Nou and got into the final of the Copa del Rey, this Saturday ‘s Mourinho won 2-1 in league match with goals from Benzema, Sergio Ramos and Messi, an outcome that does not alter one iota the title picture, very clear to the club for months.

Decaffeinated, at all hours, without much interest for either of these teams … Many adjectives have described the classic in previous days and the fact is they have been reflected on the field where we have seen a game quite boring at times and only had a couple of major alteration phases and a controversial final outcome dubious move in the area of Real Madrid.

Real Madrid  vs Barcelona

Mourinho was clear that this match was far less important than the next Tuesday against United and so left out men like Xabi Alonso, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kedhira, Ozil, Higuain and Di Maria deploying a side that had midfielder Pepe in men and less common as Essien, Modric or Morata. He also Roura rotations that were without Xavi Hernandez though in his case took a closer alignment to which we can consider holder. Read more »

Cup 2012-2013: Real Madrid to the final after winning at Camp Nou

The 2012-2013 King’s Cup has its first finalist: Real Madrid. A Real Madrid had to win, or at least tie for more than 1 goal in the fief of FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou. And he has succeeded, and leaving the impression that has been significantly higher, it has been easy the three goals to give Barcelona blunt in attack and very helpless in the rear at key moments.

Yes, Messi had a clear chance when not wearing even a minute of the game. And is that the first few minutes were at the Camp Nou in the first against clear of Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo was planted in the area and was brought down by Pique. The penalty, clear and indisputable much they talk and talk Undiano, he transformed the Portuguese and thereafter the club completely faded.

Barcelona RealMadrid

There were times that the Barca players were more aware of the decisions of collegiate ball. Always stubborn to penetrate through the center and with the same weapons, the Real Madrid defense did not cost much, it was enough to be well positioned and delivered aid when required. Read more »

Champions League 2012-2013: continue the round with Porto and Milan to Malaga FC Barcelona

Champions League 2012-2013

The Champions League returns to role this week as they play the second round of matches in the knockout round. After the defeat of Valencia and Real Madrid tie, is the turn of Malaga and FC Barcelona, the two Spanish teams that managed to be seeded and will face Porto and Milan, respectively.

Having led their groups during the first phase makes this first game is away from home. The first play will be visiting Malaga Porto on Tuesday in a game that will start at the usual time of 20:45 and will be broadcast on La1. On Wednesday, at the same time, it is the turn of the boat that travels to Milan, a clash that can be followed through Canal + Liga Champions.

Champions League 2012-2013

Malaga signed an impeccable group stage and now has to face to face with an opponent that is not easy. Porto leads the league in Portugal with Benfica and is in a good shape because he has not lost at all so far this year, taking stock of 7 wins and 2 draws. The Colombian James Rodriguez and Jackson Martinez are the two main dangers of the Portuguese team that usually has a good eye at the time of signing strikers to replace those that sell to large teams. Read more »


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