Special nominees for Golden Ball: Gerard Pique

The Catalan center has not experienced its best year. With a discreet performance hampered by numerous injuries, Pique expects to recover its best in the coming weeks.


Along with Busquets, former united manager was the best discovery of Barcelona in Guardiola’s first season as coach of the first team. Pique had left the ranks of the Catalan club to go to the Premier League. Like Cesc, one of his great friends, decided to try Central England where he waited for Manchester United. Although it did not establish itself in the side, Pique had time to gain experience in one of the toughest leagues in the world. In 2008 returned to Barcelona.

His return to the club was not much celebrated by the fans. It was interpreted as a reinforcement of the future. But for a player Guardiola was fully formed. Holder began his performance and quickly convinced. In the end would be one of the key pieces of the 6 Cups Barca.

Tall, powerful and with a good command of the ball, Pique was consolidated as a large central tactical level crossing fast and hard to beat in speed, despite his height. Addition had no qualms about joining the attack and scoring goals assists giving more typical of a talented midfielder. In sum, the wicker Pique was to become one of the best centers in the world.

Over the years and with its early incorporation into the Red, the Catalan defender has established itself as one of the references in football defensive. But it has not all been plain sailing for Pique. Injuries have been declining performance.

During the last campaign, quickly enter the computer and did not recover its best. He lost a point of speed and lapses in concentration arrived. His bad way hurt the team that found in the best substitute Mascherano. However, again held in Euro and with Sergio Ramos formed the best duo core competition.
New injury to start the season without allowing Pique still has continuity. However, at 25 years old is still one of the best centers in the world and shows his Golden Ball nomination.

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