Phil Jackson wanted to be a shareholder of Los Angeles Lakers

The day Phil Jackson to speak out … It is definitely the man of the moment, the most sought after in the NBA and American sports in general. The causes of the breakdown of negotiations with Los Angeles Lakers continue to flow into the U.S. media, but if someone has to explain his not signing with Los Angeles Lakers, this is Phil Jackson. That if you do not want to continue to keep looking like a real tyrant.

Phil Jackson

First there were reports in ESPN, where the reasons pointed frustrated signing of Phil Jackson by Los Angeles Lakers wielding, among other reasons, that Jackson wanted a high salary and fewer years of the contract he was offered, complete control of the team and availability to choose or not to travel to certain movements.

Now, the middle LA Times goes one step further and says that Phil Jackson wanted to own the franchise angelina, buying a minority share of the team’s actions. It seems that these intentions are not sat around and from within Laker felt that the aspirations of Phil Jackson by now went beyond coaching the team. Besides, they doubted the ability of Phil Jackson to face the direction of the Laker on the court and the office at the same time.

Apparently, their intention to become a shareholder has been the determining factor for negotiations broke down abruptly though, as we say, not the Lakers and Phil Jackson have spoken about it yet.

As we say, the day that Phil Jackson tell what really happened, is going to be really interesting, though perhaps never get to know what really happened to you round the teacher truncated Zen and is bet by Mike D’Antoni . If you want to investigate further speculation in some media notes that Steve Nash also had much to do with the decision to go for D’Antoni, not Jackson, but to us, personally, we find it hard to believe that Nash and do and undo to will in the Lakers, with Kobe on the same bench.

The fact is that almost all means blame him that finally there has been a signing that was made last night at 95%. Some even notes that Phil Jackson knew from the outset that he would not sign with the Lakers and stretched unnecessarily … So far negotiations are all guesses, rumors of release often smell just wanted to notoriety. And sometimes become reality.

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