Real Madrid survives ball stopped

A lack of Ozil goal in the final minutes to give the tie white set in his clash with Dortmund (2-2). The German, a gale in the first half, was entrenched in the second act favoring the push Madrid. For sure, Mourinho gave a good scolding his players at halftime. Until then, the Dortmund strategy had repeated leg and the result was just as positive. Already without Essien and left-back with a logical defense with Arbeloa reliable presence, the white team went to the Bernabeu turf aware of the speed of the opposing team. But turnovers in midfield and in attack thicket paved the way to Dortmund.


Gotze and Reus turned into a nightmare for the Madrid defense the meeting by two lightning counterattacks. Only in a corner Pepe was able to beat the goal defended by Weindenfeller. Alley and Essien came in the second part. One to replace injured Higuain and another to give more consistency to a defensively weak midfield.

And then the Real Madrid appealed to the epic. That so many successes have given the white set in European competitions. Same as the City knocked off in the first leg of Champions. And it worked half as Mourinho stroked the tie in several plays until a foul gave Cristiano Ozil and Germany made her goal.
However, this raw team must have a plan less emotional in adversity. After more than two and a half months of competition the Real Madrid cannot claim to have shown their best face the toughest opponents. With more defensive than usual cracks and intermittent attacks by waves, the set of Mourinho must improve if they want to go far this season.

Thumbs down for Modric
Modric wrecked again as midfielder. The Croatian was uncomfortable, ineffective in driving and passed on the defensive. Their quality is beyond doubt, but Mourinho did not hesitate to replace the rest his star signing for input Essien. Modric and coach must keep working to find a talented player Balkan site.

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