Rafa Nadal will not be in the Australia Open 2013

Tennis fans have received a cold shower after the last announcement of Rafa Nadal. After the stomach virus that has affected him in recent days, assessed their physical condition and has decided to quit the Australia Open, first major tournament of the season which was to serve as the touchstone of value in assessing recovery Player.

Rafa Nadal

The possibility that Nadal had to give up the first grand slam of the year began to take hold after the announcement last week that the Spanish gave up the exhibition in Abu Dhabi by a stomach problem. The most optimistic thought that would be a setback, and nothing but the player has spent several days with high fever and untrained so along with your doctor and your trainer have decided to postpone his return:

My knee is much better, and the recovery process has gone as planned by doctors, but this process has made no virus could train last week and in the coming days and therefore, much to my regret I cannot come back in the time we had planned

I think as doctors say and my team, it is prudent to do well and this virus has delayed my plans to come back in these days. My comeback will have to wait until the tournament in Acapulco, but would not rule out the possibility of reappearing in a tournament before

As I have always said, my return to the circuit will be when I am in the conditions that allow me to compete. After all this time away from the slopes rather not accelerate the return and make things right

Nadal had already commented that the Australia Open was not his main objective this year but in any case it is a key event in which last year reached the final and that the waiver will cost you 1350 points accumulated by that result. Now the Spaniard set his comeback to the South American clay court season that starts in early February, the perfect surface for Nadal and also one of the least causes suffering to his knees.

So valued Toni Nadal the news:

I do not think Rafael can be prepared for a competition as demanding with so little preparation. True, we have had some bad luck with this complication, but what can you do. After all this time better get it right and most professional is when we start well

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