Promise of the Week: Jose Rodriguez

The attacking midfielder has been the big star of the day for the great goal he scored for Real Madrid against Alcoyano in Copa Del Rey, and the projection that radiates.

Jose Rodriguez

Jose Rodriguez is no longer a stranger to the football public in a few days. First, the Real Madrid coach, Jose Mourinho, was appointed at a press conference and pointed as one of the great white hope of the quarry, and then the player responded to the accolades scoring a goal in the victory against Real Madrid Alcoyano (1-4) in Premier League.

Beyond both, Jose Rodriguez, born in Alicante for 17 years, deployed freshness, boldness, vision, and a set associative danger that revolutionized to Madrid from the moment he stepped on the lawn of the Santiago Bernabeu, starting around the second half of the meeting butler. With its performance, Jose Rodriguez was confirmed as a star in the making and emphasized the great business that made Real Madrid to their junior incorporating in 2009.

That year, the Madrid club ‘caught’ by Jose Rodriguez of the quarry of Hercules and soon after, Arsenal coach, Arsene Wenger, he was knocking on his door. Real Madrid, in any case, reacted quickly to the offensive gunner and retained to the footballer with a buyout clause of five million euros.

The gesture showed confidence that Real Madrid deposited in a player who, however, is not enjoying as many minutes as you want in the ranks of Castile. To date, has only played 214 minutes in seven game s, a poor figure for a Mourinho who, in the preview of the game against the Alcoyano, already claimed by greater continuity for the player in the subsidiary meringue. With support from the Portuguese and excellent letter under his arm, Jose Rodriguez awaits the opportunity to keep in memory of Mourinho, Real Madrid fans and.

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