Brazil World Cup 2014: United States arrives without star Donovan

The German Jurgen Klinsmann, current coach of the United States, already knows the 23 men who will defend the selection yankee in Brazil 2014, the seventh consecutive World Cup playing this combo. From the preliminary list of 30, the great German ex-footballer has done seven discards: Boyd, Corona, Edu, Evans, Goodson, Parkhurst and eye Landon Donovan.

The second player that has worn the shirt of the U.S. team that also is top scorer of the same will not be in Brazil 2014. Donovan and left without what would be his fourth World Cup in a very controversial decision and that will talk, according to the paper as the United States during the tournament. Decision? Sports coach or attack? Who knows?

united states world cup 2014

Without Donovan, the responsibility to guide this selection lies with names like Michael Bradley, son of former selecionador, Jozy Altidore, forward who has not had much goal this year, Sunderland and striker Clint Dempsey, second top scorer in the history this selection. Another veteran known in this group is Tim Howard, the Everton goalkeeper, who is in shape despite his 35 years. Read more »

2013-2014 Champions Leagues: Real Madrid gets the Tenth in Lisbon

Twelve years later, and many millions of euros of investment in Galacticos, Real Madrid won the coveted tenth. The capital of Portugal, Lisbon, and the date of May 24 will remain in the memory of the Madrid fans, but also in the memory of the enemy today, Atletico Madrid, for history, unfortunately for some, tends to recur.

40 years ago, the only ending that had played so far all red and white, a goal of the German Schwarzenbeck deprived the team captained by Luis Aragones to take a cup and grabbed his hands. Today in Lisbon, at its second end, when they felt the romaine between the fingers has been a goal from Sergio Ramos. Both came in the last minute.

Real Madrid

The game, as expected, was slate. Neither teams risking none risked the least, nor were chances scarce to say that had not. The only noteworthy was a good Bale, who arrived by a failure of Tiago in midfield. That until the goal of Diego Godin, the hero of the Camp Nou in the league that would put the costume star again in Da Luz. Read more »

Champions League 2013-2014: how much money entering Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid to reach the final?

The Champions League is a competition that not only worth a look from a sporting point of view but also financial. The best club competition in the continent in good economic health and delivers attractive prizes, hence entering the group stage either a victory for many teams receive an economic boost in its coffers.

This year the star in the end Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. We’ll see who wins the trophy and the glory, but in the economic section have already won both with some income that may be around 60 million euros. Only some of them are distributed in the final in which the winner enters 10.5 million euros for the 6.5 runner. If you want to know how the rest of income is obtained we recommend you to continue reading.

real madrid and atletico madrid

The UEFA Champions League is able to generate each year about 1,300 million euros thanks to the exploitation of television rights, sponsorships, etc… Of these about 900 are shared between the clubs, some variably depending on the market share that the UEFA club and assigns each other fixedly between awards for winning games, incentives go round, etc… Read more »

Sports-inspired casino games

Microgaming, one of the longest running online casino games developers of the industry, has released a new slot machine recently – it’s called Football Star, and pays a tribute to Football, the most popular sport in Europe and the world. The reason why they released another football-inspired game is the imminent start of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, making football the most commented and followed sport for the next month.

This is not the first sports related game launched by the company – among its over 500 titles there are quite a few more titles inspired by or paying tribute to sports. After all, sports fans play casino games, too – no matter if they use Australian mobile casinos or Caribbean downloadable ones.

The most notable Microgaming casino slot inspired by sports is another football inspired title, the one called Shoot! It’s a game that pays tribute (again) to football, but not as vaguely and generally as Football Star – on its reels it features football legends like Pele (the legendary Brazilian player considered the best one of all time), George Best, Diego Maradona, Johan Johan Cruyff, Franz Beckenbauer and Kevin Keegan.

At the same time, it also pays a serious tribute to Shoot!, the British football magazine that is published since the 1960s.

The graphics and sounds of the game make the player feel like sitting at a stadium, and the wins offered by the game are also considerable – depending on luck, of course. Read more »

World Cup Brazil 2014: 23 Switzerland, the latest list of Hitzfeld

Ottmar Hitzfeld, coach of Switzerland, made the latest list of his sporting life, the 23 chosen to compete in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. And the technician, after more than three-decade career on the bench and a lifetime of football, has decided that when I finish this race the Swiss team and will be removed, definitely.

Hitzfeld has not gone out on a limb and gave directly the final list, with 23 players. A list in which you cannot say that surprises, and in which the only absences noteworthy are the forward Eren Derdiyok, he has put that goal in Switzerland – Spain South Africa 2010, the end Fabian Frei or medium Pirmin Schwegler, who was unable to fully recover from his physical problems.

switzerland football team 2014

The most prominent names of Switzerland are Shaquiri and Xhaka, two of the most talented young players in the country, but the core is made up veterans like Inler, Barnetta, Lischteiner or Senderos, who has played the final stretch of league in Valencia. Another player in the Spanish league in the Swiss call is Seferovic, although the front of the Royal finds it difficult to hold before Stocker or Mehmedi. Read more »

Brazil World Cup 2014: Uruguay squad of Luis Suarez and Cavani

Spain, Netherlands, Germany … and Uruguay. Those were the first four positions of the finals in South Africa in which the blue team did a great tournament we’ll see if he can meet or exceed something viable for coach Oscar Washington Tabarez, who believes his players in 2014 have greater potential than 2010 and they have continued to gain experience playing in some of the best leagues in the world.

Brazil Uruguay take a block in which repeated many of the players who were already at the last World Cup. In prelista repeated squad Diego Forlan, now playing in Japan and as far from his best, but the Uruguayan forward is precisely one of its strongest lines thanks to Luis Suarez, who has made an exceptional season at Liverpool that will allow Sharing the Golden Shoe Cristiano Ronaldo, and Edinson Cavani, PSG striker. This line is also Stuani, Espanyol player.

uruguay world cup 2014

The goal of Uruguay shall remain with Fernando Muslera, Galatasaray Turkish goalkeeper. Experienced defensive players in the big leagues as Martin Caceres to Juventus, Maximiliano Pereira of Benfica, Diego Lugano of the WBA and Diego Godin, Atletico Madrid hero with a goal in the Nou Camp that brought the title to Atletico. Read more »

Shopping For Womens Basketball Jerseys

When you are in charge of buying uniform for your sports team then of course you’ll want to make sure that you get the best quality items. If you have ever shopped for anything like womens basketball jerseys then you’ll know that there are lots of different types and styles for you to choose from. You’ll want to make sure you look at all of your sportswear options so that you choose something that is going to represent your team perfectly.

Choosing The Right Uniform

Does your team have a colour scheme? If so then it stands to reason that you are going to want to make sure that you get a uniform that matches this. Thankfully as long as you choose the right supplier of womens basketball jerseys then you should find that there is something to suit you. Some sportswear suppliers even offer customisation and design options which means that you can easily get something that is designed perfectly.


When it comes to womens basketball jerseys you also have a range of materials for you to choose from. Options that some sportswear companies offer include Micro Mesh, Pro Mesh, Dazzle, Air-Cool, and more! Check out these women’s basketball jerseys for an idea of what is available and what could suit you and what is going to match the needs of your team.

Adding Your Team Name To Your Uniform

What you might also want to look at is getting logos, team names and even numbers adding to your jersey. That way each person on your team has their own uniform which means that they are in charge of keeping it in good condition and looking after it. Of course you can also get team names on to give your team a real sense of belonging together.

Why it Is so Important to Have Good Batting Cage Nets

It is really important that you use a batting cage net in your practice. This makes it safer, and therefore also more fun. Of course, you have to make sure that you get a good net, particularly when you consider how strong they have to be. The impact and speed of a baseball is pretty impressive, after all.

There are different thread counts or denier in batting cage nets. Generally speaking, either polyethylene or nylon is used. You can find cheaper materials, but these are generally of very low quality, meaning that your net won’t last as long. As such, it is clear case of false economy, as you will have to replace it more regularly.

The point of the cages is to trap a ball that you don’t manage to hit back. They save a lot of time and energy as well, as you would otherwise have to spend this going over the ground trying to retrieve balls. Consider the speed at which these fly, you could end up searching quite a large area and still come back empty handed. With the security of a net behind you, you can put all your attention on the ball, rather than having to think about where it will land if you miss.

Generally speaking, these nets are stationary. They attach to a cage and stay there until they need replacing. This means that they have to be made out of highly durable materials, as they are exposed to sunlight and other weather phenomena on a daily basis. UV rays are particularly bad, as they quickly weaken the twine. Of course, frost, rain and wind has an impact as well. This is why most nets have been treated with various chemical solutions to minimize the impact that the different elements have.

To learn more about batting cage nets, click here.


Where Can I Find New York Yankees Carry On Luggage?

If you are a Yankees fan, or know someone who is, you may want to get your hands on some fantastic New York Yankees carry on baggage. However, where can you find this? Most of us also have limited budgets, so finding it at an affordable price would be even better. Let’s take a look at the three options available to you.

The Official Yankees Store

The first place you could go is the official Yankees store. Besides getting luggage from these stores, which are available both online and in New York itself, you can get all sorts of other Yankees gear there as well. The big downside, however, is that this is a really expensive store. Additionally, you will probably be tempted to purchase more than what you came for, particularly if you go to a physical store where all the nice stuff is displayed in front of you.


A second option is to purchase everything secondhand. You can use websites like eBay and other selling sites, or go to people’s yard sales or even flea markets. Although this is the cheapest option, it also means you won’t get anything new and you’re not guaranteed of its condition.

Online Sports Stores

The final option if you are wondering where can I find Yankees carry on luggage is to go online. . Online stores generally offer the best value for money for really good quality items. Many of them offer official merchandise, which means that you won’t end up buying something that is just the tiniest bit off what it is actually supposed to look like. Do make sure you only use reputable online stores, as you don’t want to buy something of low quality or, worse still, counterfeit. This is why you should always check out their returns policy and customer service.

Rome Masters 2014: Nadal and Djokovic defeats champion

In a game of high-flying Serb Novak Djokovic (2) defeated defending champion Rafa Nadal (1) in three pulsating sets they spent two hours playing what it means to him his third title at the Internazionali BNL D’Italia .

Djokovic and gets his third Masters 1000 of the season and 19th in his career in addition to being the crown 44 as a professional. Serbian with this victory coming off a wrist injury confirmed to be the biggest threat to Rafa not achieve the ninth title at Roland Garros.

novak djokovic

Once again in three sets, both had played only one of their meetings a week in straight sets, others always full. Rafa started pressing from the Serbian kick that took seven games to heat engines and looked unusually erratic. Already the world number one and defending champion had shot 4-1 with two breaks. But Rafa knew his main antagonist in the fight for the leading position of the ATP would soon appear and it was. Read more »


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