Brazil World Cup 2014: Brazil, Mexico and Croatia will fight on the final day

The A Group stays red hot after the results of the second day. The goalless draw between Brazil and Mexico and the victory of Croatia on Cameroon leaving Africans with no chance, joining Spain and Australia on the list of eliminated teams, and the other three remaining risking the two posts that would pass to the second round end of this World Cup 2014.

As mentioned, Brazil and Mexico drew goalless in a game in which the hero was Guillermo Ochoa. The Mexican goalkeeper, who by the way is no computer after not renewing his contract with the French Ajaccio, was a bulwark and signed performances of great merit, which will surely make your quote up, helping your team a point well valuable.

Brazil vs mexico

Note that, although the Memo Ochoa was the man of the night, the party was not constant harassment of Brazilians. On the contrary, it was a back and forth game in which the Mexicans had their options. The best opportunities of these were more distant shots, on a stick, not included in the framework defending Julio Cesar. Read more »

Barcelona announces the signing of Ivan Rakitic for five seasons

The Barcelona Football Club continues to strengthen ahead of next season, 2014-2015, giving us to understand that this little matter has already arranged to be brought to the UEFA although there has been no official announcement on the matter, or by about not by others. Now he has had to make official the signing of Croatia midfielder Ivan Rakitic.

The former Sevilla player and had set a great season in the Andalusian side, and with only a one year contract ahead , it was logical to go out passed this summer if you wanted to get something for him.

Ivan Rakitic

Suitors, according to some media, you have not missed the Croatian, in recent weeks because it was assumed his move to Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. Read more »


10. Burj Al Arabs Worlds Tallest Tee-shot, 2004

Dubai Desert Golf Classic invited Tiger Woods to their event in 2004 and paid him $1 million to hit a tee-shot off of the helipad of the Burj Al Arab, the world’s tallest hotel, making it the highest tee-shot in history (that’s if you exclude Alan Shepard hitting balls on the surface of the moon in 1971).


Snapple thought that they could construct the world’s largest ice lollipop (or popsicle if you’re that way inclined) and they kind of did. In the summer of 2005 Snapple erected a 25ft tall lolly in Union Square, New York. Strangely they had forgotten summer’s golden rule that in the sun a fool and his ice-pop are soon parted. 18 tonnes of strawberry slush very quickly melted and flooded the adjacent streets causing huge traffic jams and leaving a number of streets unusable. Ridiculous.


The Hollywood sign is one of the world’s most recognisable landmarks and perhaps the world’s most famous sign, but it actually started out life an outrageous publicity stunt for LA-based housing development company Hollywoodland. In 1923 the company paid $21,000 for a 30ft tall, flashing electric ‘HOLLYWOODLAND’sign to be built in the Hollywood Hills overlooking the city. The sign was only supposed to be there for a year but has in fact survived in one form or another ever since. After falling into disrepair by 1949 the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce decided to repair the sign but remove ‘LAND’. By the ‘70s it had deteriorated again – but this time a consortium of celebrities led by Hugh Hefner paid for a complete restoration and rebuilding of the letters, allowing the iconic landmark to live on into the 21st century.

7. Guinness Book of World Records, 1954

Sir Hugh Beaver loved his facts, but he loved selling beer more. The head of Guinness Breweries developed the idea of documenting all the world records in one place after he failed to find the answer to a hunting argument that he had been having over the name of Europe’s fastest game bird. He thought that such a book would not only make a great marketing give-away to promote his beer, but it could also be the bible of every pub in the land; putting an end to needless drunken arguments about the world’s biggest and best. In 1954 1000 copies were given away as a marketing stunt, but the book became a surprise hit beyond the public houses – 50 years later had gone on to sell more than 100 million copies across its many editions.

6. LE TOUR, 1903

In 1903 the French sports newspaper L’Auto (The Car) decided to stage a bicycle race as a publicity stunt to increase its circulation. L’Auto’s editors had broken away France’s number one sports newspaper, Le Velo (The Bicycle) but were failing to garner enough readers to keep the paper afloat, when cycling journalist Geo Lefvre suggested that they stage the world’s longest bicycle race as a PR stunt. Le Velo was banned from reporting on the 1500-mile race, and by the end of the event not only had L’Auto began selling six times as many papers than before, but they had also inadvertently given birth to the Tour De France.

5. Calendar Girls, 1999

On the 12th April 1999, 11 members of the Yorkshire Women’s Institute decided to release a nude calendar of themselves as a publicity stunt to raise money for a new sofa at a local hospital. The publicity generated by the calendar was such that they were not only able to buy the sofa but they were also able to raise and donate over £3 million (and counting) to Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. The story went on to spawn a hit play, a successful film and countless copycat calendars.  Who needs promotional staff for publicity after all? Pretty outrageous.


In 1896 the aptly named marketeer William Crush decided to host what is certainly America’s strangest and most tragic stunt ever.  Crush thought that he could promote Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad (Katy) by staging a planned train crash and inviting the whole of Texas to come and watch. How he thought that a train crash would help promote a train company no one knows, but Katy agreed to the stunt and 40,000 people made there to the site. With the audience at a seemingly safe distance, no one anticipated that the trains’ boilers would explode on impact and result in heavy debris and metal shrapnel spraying into crowd, which killed two people immediately and wounding countless others. Expecting a PR backlash, Katy fired Crush on the spot, however the event did not receive much media attention at all at the time and strangely Crush was handed his job back the very next day.

3. K Foundation Burn a Million Quid, 1994

Infamous Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty of The K Foundation shocked the world in 1994 when they burnt a million pounds of their earnings in cash on camera. As one the UK’s most successful music acts in the 90s, Bill and Jimmy found themselves sitting on a lot of money and clearly had no idea what to do with it so in an act of – well no one really knows -, they burnt the large majority of the money that they had just earned on film. The shocking stunt is particularly baffling as the K Foundation was not promoting anything at the time and then refused to talk about the burning for 23 years. Drummond later admitted that he regretted his actions and found them hard to justify to his kids.


In 1986 when music manager and film producer Ken Kragen asked everyone in the USA to hold hands in the world’s longest human chain, it seemed like an outrageous publicity gimmick that no one would take seriously. However around seven million people (including President Reagan) came together across 16 states raising around $34 million dollars for charity. Along with the accompanying single, ‘We Are The World’, the stunt raised nearly $100 million dollars to fight world poverty. Nice one Ken.

  1. Red Bull Stratos 2012

In 2005 Red Bull conceived and began working on the idea of dropping Felix Baumgartner out of a balloon from the earth’s stratosphere (39 kilometres above the surface), which would not only be the highest altitude jump in history, but would also break a number of other world records including: highest ever altitude outside a vehicle, largest balloon ever piloted by a human, highest ever manned balloon flight, and fastest ever speed in a manned balloon. In October 2012 they did it and, as well as breaking the records above, Felix became the first man to ever break the sound barrier without the aid of an engine. He also broke the world record for fastest vertical speed (without drogue): 834.6mph.

Records aside, no drinks company has ever created their own space program to further brand awareness, surely making this the most outrageous publicity stunt of all time.

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2014 Brazil World Cup: Win in Germany and the U.S.

The G Group was released in the afternoon with one of the most interesting matches of the first phase, Germany – Portugal. On the lawn were measured two of the teams considered favorites, but then only one of them showed such a condition, the Mannschaft. The Low went above Bento, winning 4-0 in a match that did not have much history.

The rout was hatched after a penalty, doubtful Pereira on Gotze that would transform Muller. The goal did not change the tone of the game and Germany continued to dominate, making the second Hummels header, assisted from the corner by Kroos. The party lusos are going to get even more difficult when Pepe saw straight red card, much debated, for an action to Muller.


Muller would be the protagonist of 3-0 before the break, and also 4-0 in the second half and the Germans took over quietly, and it was the signing of the 2010 World Cup top scorer one hat-trick for begins. The match, played under high temperature and high humidity especially, cost two lesions Portugal, Hugo Almeida and Fabio Coentrao, and the Germans, Matt Hummels. Read more »

Brazil World Cup 2014: Switzerland, France and Argentina are released with victory

On the fourth day of World Cup 2014, in the ninth game, also came the first time, but everyone already took for granted. The match between Switzerland and Ecuador, played under the scorching sun in Brasilia, was at an end, and over 92 minutes, and the score 1 goal stated for each team, but the equalizer was going to break at the last second for of the Swiss, and for the glory of Haris Seferovic.

Ecuador started winning, thanks to a goal 21 minutes into the match Valencia Enner to Ayoví center, and just start the second half scored the equalizer Mehmedi, a newly entered the field in a corner kick that bounced Rodríguez player. The two goals were modeled, headers in the box, revealing the defenders and goalkeepers in particular, that in this field have to show dominance and forcefulness.


The game, as we said before, was doomed to draw, but broke into the discount. After a clear chance for Rojas Ecuadorian Behrami launched a counterattack, continued despite threw him to the ground, gave a band to the side and focus Rodriguez Seferovic service sends back of the net. Goal Front Royal, also stand in the day, and double support for left Wolfsburg. Read more »

2014 Brazil World Cup: Colombia and the Ivory Coast sent in Group C

The C Group premiered at 18:00 pm in Belo Horizonte, with the match Colombia – Greece. With sunshine and great presence of coffee fans in the stands, Colombia has shown why he is the top seed in this group, winning by a clear 3-0 to helena selection, and giving the impression that they have not had to much force the machine to get this comfortable victory.

A victory that began to emerge quite quickly because 4 minutes Pablo Armero scored the first goal, finished off a central square, one of those “little known” role players. Gradually, Colombia was ceding the initiative to the Greeks, who warned first with Samaras and then Kone. Anyway, despite this couple of scares, gaps Santos selection when party takes over looked.

Colombia and the Ivory Coast

A standing in a corner ball, Teo Gutierrez would make it 2-0 , and in the second half, and this both left the party and for judgment notwithstanding still remaining minutes ahead. Already in stoppage time, James Rodriguez scored the third with a shot to the left and initialed a good game that has been played at the pace he wanted. Read more »

2014 Brazil World Cup: as see on TV

The World Cup Brazil 2014 is just around the corner. On Thursday June 12 everything rolling the ball in the opening game, which played Brazil and Croatia in Group A, and as each time it reaches a tournament of this caliber, we do all the same question we now try to put answer, how and where we can go on TV this World Cup?

The rights of the tournament have GOL TV. Mediapro was what was done with the rights of the World Cup, but failed in his attempt to sell them to another payment platform and thus higher profitability them out, so they had no issue other than the tournament for GOL TV. Thus, this chain of payment will be the only one in our country retransmits the 64 matches of the tournament.

2014 brazil world cup

The free alternative to follow the World Cup in Spain’s Mediaset. Through Telecinco will see all parties to play the Spanish team during the tournament, and through Four (and some Telecinco) may see other matches as well to complete a total of 25 games. The parties also follow the web of Mitele or application for smartphones and tablets, in addition to special programming. Read more »

ATP Halle 2014: Kohlschreiber and Karlovic to knockout

The tournament field of Halle, the Gerry Weber started the season on this surface prior to Wimbledon. Rafa Nadal already has a clear and will be the Jamaican Dustin Brown. Swiss Roger Federer (2) also known as his opponent, Portugal’s Joao Sousa.

The surprise was the defeat of the Polish Jerzy Janowicz (8) to the young Frenchman Pierre Hughes Herbert and that of Richard Gasquet against Robin Haase. His compatriot Lukasz Kubot also dismissed against Colombian Alejandro Falla. German Philipp Kohlschreiber and Peter Gojowczyk, Frenchman Gael Monfils and Croatian Ivo Karlovic advanced to the second round.

atp halle 2014

Brown played for Germany hit 15 aces and won 87% of his first serve points to defeat the Russian Andrey Kuznetsov 6-3 6-4. It will be the first test of Rafa Nadal after winning Roland Garros for the ninth time in transit to the lawn. In the same area of the Balearic Philipp Kohlschreiber beat Italian Andreas Seppi 6-3 6-4 and the young Herbert with 11 aces surprised Janowicz 7-6 (5) 6-2. The world number 135 is one of the new at 23 years of French tennis faces. Read more »

Roland Garros 2014: Rafa Nadal defeats Djokovic for a ninth crown

The world number one Rafa Nadal achieved a milestone in the red clay of Roland Garros on Sunday by winning his ninth title in ten appearances at the French Open. He defeated Serbian Novak Djokovic (2) in four sets after losing the first start.

Rafa and gets his fourteenth Grand Slam title and ties Pete Sampras in the list of top winners of Majors in history. 23-19 was also on its main antagonist in recent years snapping a four-game losing to Djokovic – Two this season.

Rafa Nadal

The first set was even though Djokovic looked more comfortable in his movements giving the impression that Rafa was tied and needed something more risk. The Serb got the first break of the day in the eighth game and served for the following September. But Rafa clung nail and generating his first two balls of teeth ‘break’ . Djokovic got rid of both and closed the set 6-3. Read more »


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