The evolution of Fantasy Sports

Daily Fantasy Sports are the new BIG THING

Let me start by saying I love fantasy sports. I have been playing fantasy sports for over fifteen years now, starting with football and gradually picking up fantasy baseball and fantasy basketball. When I started out we did a straight serpentine draft, and the winner was based off of total points for the year. Now a days most fantasy leagues are head to head leagues and the team with the highest total points is not necessarily the league winner.

Over the years there have been many great seasons, and I’ve won my leagues many times. However, there are also those years where the team I draft straight up sucks. There is no fixing a really bad team because no one wants to trade for your crappy players and you are pretty much stuck until the season ends and you can draft again next year.

Enter Daily Fantasy Sports

A couple of years ago a friend in one of my leagues told me he had started playing “daily fantasy baseball”. At the time I had never heard of it, but after reviewing a little bit online I decided to give it a try. From the first time I turned in my lineup I was hooked! Daily Fantasy Sports are not necessarily “better” than your regular fantasy league, and I still play with my buddies in our leagues that are 10+ years old and still going strong. What daily fantasy sports do offer though, is something different, a supplement to your regular fantasy league, and if your day is going well, they can be much more exciting than your regular league as well! Fanduel for instance offers a $25 entry fee tournament where first place wins $175,000! I have yet to win the big one, but I have had a few close calls and won $600+ a couple times now. The excitement that comes from daily fantasy sports really cannot be compared, as a chance at such a huge, life altering payout, and the excitement of playing for it, is just a great feeling.

Fantasy Sports are huge and as the numbers show, it’s only getting bigger!

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