Confederations Cup 2013: Brazil champion Spain 3-0 after thrashing

Sometimes happen to lose, even to Spanish football. And today was the day that has been lost, and how, against Brazil in the Confederations Cup final 2013 . The expected final against selection Maracana Rio just will not leave a good taste in mouth among the Spanish fans, and yes wanted revenge for the next time you come across.

Brazil won the final goals to Spain and took a Confederations Cup which was attended by the mere fact of being the host of this tournament. The truth is that the award is earned after the game that marked the Brazilian team, the best I have done in this tournament. Completely abrogated to Spain with a suffocating pressure, and the dismast the ball completely, bordering on perfection.


With them was Maracana, with them also was the referee who always swept for home and lack the minimum punishable on Neymar approach while allowing Iniesta spank you anyway, and with them was also luck. A seemingly safe center 2 minutes into the game it became Fred in the 1-0, or Pique after Arbeloa right chords or to clear a ball as it normally it right to do so without much trouble. Read more »

2013 British Grand Prix Formula 1: Hamilton on pole, Alonso finishes 10th

The British Grand Prix has played its official classification session in which Lewis Hamilton has been a joy to thousands of compatriots who populated the Silverstone Circuit bleachers getting pole position. The British driver doublet Mercedes led the front line as Nico Rosberg was second.

Behind the German brand cars were classified the Red Bull of Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber who took a clean sweep second line. Much more have to go down in the standings to find Fernando Alonso who was tenth and the Spaniard have another tough race ahead in what will be difficult to cut points on Vettel goal that he and Ferrari arrived at Silverstone.

2013 british grand prix formula 1

Silverstone received pilots with time somewhat cloudy but dry track, a factor that would facilitate the work. The Q1 was fairly quiet for almost all except Ferrari that drained some estimates of the times that could serve Alonso and Massa who remained on the edge of the disposal area timesheets. Massa had to mount the soft tires on his last attempt to get out of the danger zone as the pilots of Red Bull, Mercedes and Lotus did not have problems to occupy the top positions. Read more »

Wimbledon 2013: Murray to the second round, Almagro and Robredo eliminated

The Scot Andy Murray (2) became one of the front runners to second round at Wimbledon by defeating the Catalan Tommy Robredo in straight sets. Last year’s runner is one of the major contenders for the title.

Nicolas Almagro (15) lost to the Pole Jerzy Janowicz (24) also in the fast lane while the beat Roger Federer, Ukrainian Sergiy Stakhovsky was eliminated by veteran Austrian Jurgen Melzer in four sets.


Murray broke twice in the first set to the Hostalric to establish a clear lead 6-2. Robredo who this year won in Casablanca despite not being a specialist in lawn fought with dignity every ball but local authority resolved their opportunities in the next two sets 6-4 7-5 to seal his move to eighth. Read more »

Wimbledon 2013: Federer eliminated, Robredo and Murray to third round

If the day on Wednesday was strange by the number of players who were out injured, the surprises did not stop occur and the largest was the fall of Swiss Roger Federer – seven-time defending champion and holder of the tournament – against the Ukrainian Sergiy Stakhovsky.

Catalan Tommy Robredo and Scotsman Andy Murray (2) who are on the same sector qualified for the third stage as the Russian Mikhail Youzhny (20), Serbian Viktor Troicki and Austrian Jurgen Melzer.

federer eliminated

Stakhovsky was never able to defeat before a top ten but today its level was as any of them. Beating Federer on grass is not easy but the Ukrainian made it possible on the basis of their good service and his magnificent performance in the network. The match was very even and narrowly defined. Read more »

Ancelotti is the new coach of Real Madrid

Since Florentino Perez announced the departure of Jose Mourinho, who preferred Chelsea train her to fulfill his contract with Real Madrid, is pointed in the direction of Carlo Ancelotti as possible successor rather than Portuguese. And in that sense no one has failed because the Italian is now officially the new coach of all white, and SERCA submitted within hours.

Ancelotti arrived in Madrid after negotiations that have dragged on longer than usual, or at least more than what we are used Florentino Perez. Although the problem has not been bringing him to Real Madrid, but getting the Paris Saint Germain let him go, which did not happen until the French team found a replacement, Frenchman Laurent Blanc.

ancelotti real madrid

Former footballer mainly AC Milan coach Ancelotti is a more than worthy resume to sit on the bench for Real Madrid. To start, you know what is directing some of the best teams in the world, like Juventus, AC Milan, Chelsea or PSG, so he’s used to the pressure of dealing with large stars and the requirement to get great results. Read more »

How to play badminton

Playing badminton is one of the most funs of “sweat shirt”, either one on one or in pairs, thirty minutes a day to help you stay in game shape.

The basic equipment for playing badminton is a racket and a hallmark of the sport, a flyer or pen. The goal is very simple: the opponents placed in opposite halves of a track rectangular and separated by a network, you have to get the wheel off the ground the opposite.

play badminton

Racket grip and pull

The proper grip of the racket to hit the steering wheel to achieve the most effective way is essential to play badminton. There are two main types of prey: forehand and backhand. In both, the key is in the position of the index finger print manager hard from behind.

The throw is also one of the keys to a good game. Like the grip, the serve may be the right or upside down. To play badminton is often used as a rookie kick inside out, as his learning is easier. It consists in advancing the right foot supporting the weight on the leg while the other hand is placed in front of the steering wheel hitting the strings against him, making a slight rocking motion without tension.

Network Hits: left and lob

An important concept to play badminton is thoroughly familiar with the steering wheel, composed of sixteen feathers, as well as its rotation in the direction of clockwise. Every move we make with the racket will aim to get the flywheel key out making maximum turns causing the return are as difficult as possible or even impossible, getting direct point to our left.

As for the lob, it is a blow that goes from the network with an upward trajectory towards the bottom. It consists of hitting the steering wheel loud and clear when we are near the point of impact. It is used in response to a drop shot or a shot.

Despite its apparent simplicity to play badminton at a good level is required to be in very good shape, have strength, speed and excellent coordination and racquet skills. However, to get started in this game is enough interest in obtaining the benefits of a healthy practice and desire to have fun.

Tips for getting started in kiteboarding

For all lovers of water sports, the kite will start an adventure full of adrenaline and speed, bearing in minds the safest way to practice.

Kitesurfing is an extreme sport relatively new, started circa 1980 and it became better known in 2000, surpassing all expectations. The kite has a table and an additional element that draws much attention, a kite, with which you get more speed, which is why many people consider the kite start to live higher speeds on the table.

Tips for getting started in kiteboarding

Starter Pack

At the start in kiteboarding, you must purchase a surfboard which is usually smaller than normal, this size is ideal to maneuver more easily. The second material that characterizes the kite is the kite, and this is available in different sizes, the difference is in the pulling power you can get. The factor to keep in mind when choosing the size of the comet lies in the weight of the athlete and the winds of the area where the sport perform. Read more »

Wimbledon 2013: Federer leaves the draw, Nadal and Murray in one part of the picture, Djokovic and Ferrer in the other

On Friday morning, many eyes were tennis fans at the All England Club where they celebrated the draw that should define the pairings box Wimbledon in all categories. The men’s singles draw the most interest was aroused especially after knowing the seeding order which, together with the fortune left side of the high voltage box that is Andy Murray, Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer, tournament champion in its last edition.

Nadal was seeded fifth ensured a theoretical Balearic party with one of the top 4 in the quarterfinals. The draw has wanted Nadal and Federer share industry so that they would play their quarter theory though much have to play up to that time. On that side of the box is also Andy Murray, runner-up in 2012, and would play a seminal theoretical Nadal or Federer.

wimbledon 2013

On the other side of the table have been Novak Djokovic and David Ferrer, who could star in another semifinal although Ferrer has never reached that instance at Wimbledon since the grass is not his favorite surface but has won a title on it. Read more »

Confederations Cup 2013: Spain makes it 10 goals in Tahiti

The record for the biggest win of Spain, Bulgaria 13-0, it probably will remain in force many years. Because it is highly unlikely that fate again crossed to Spain with a choice as weak as that of Tahiti. In the end, the left alternates theoretical account at 10-0, four in the first half and six in the second, which could be many more.

The account opened soon Fernando Torres, after 4 minutes, but the second was to resist enough. Moreover, we did not like what we were seeing and the level they were showing some players. Finally, a half hour scoring Silva and things returned to your site. Torres was the third two minutes later and Villa’s fourth just 5 minutes later.

spain vs tahiti

During the second half, Spain found most facilities, partly from exhaustion of Tahiti, in part by the entry of Navas who took the game seriously. So six goals came again, two others with the signing of Villa for the hat-trick, one with the signing of Mata, another with the signing of Silva and two more for Torres, who closed his account in four and five because they were not, missed a penalty. Read more »

Under 21 2013: Spain thrashed Italy, repeated as champion

Denmark was the country where two years ago the Spanish under 21 European champions, with almost insulting superiority. Today, in Israel, a group has been repeated renewed success achieved two years ago, and almost the same way, passing over its rivals. Today, in the end, it is the turn to Italy, which has made four goals, the same as the total in the final of Euro 2012.

Spain came out with great force and took just three minutes to score, and you could say that virtually Italy did not touch the ball to the 1-0. The goal is exchanged roles and Morata made the move as Thiago and Thiago would head surmounted as you would Morata. The joy was short-lived however, as only a few minutes later showed Inmbobile Ciro equalizer to 1.

spain under 21 european champions

After this exciting start to the match, we reached a tentative phase until Spain was gradually returning to their dominance. The result would be two goals for Team Julen Lopetegui they would leave the meeting almost sentenced. The two return to be signed by Thiago, one after a good shot after Koke center and a penalty, a maximum penalty Tello clear for demolition. Read more »


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