The best sports for beginners

Sport is good, yes. But when we practice properly, because everything in excess can be dangerous.

So if you’re thinking about getting in shape to lose a few kilos or simply a health issue, do not miss our tips today. We recommend the best sports for beginners and for those who want to exercise again after some time idle.

The best sports for beginners

Know your body

Before choosing a sport, you must know your body well. Do you have any injuries or discomfort that keeps you from practicing certain physical activities? What part of your body you want to promote? The buttocks, legs … Read more »

2013-2014 Spanish League 1st Division: classification results and Round 6

With little rest, the league has not stopped this week and we had time on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. After the games this Round 6 we find no change in head and Barcelona and Atletico Madrid are still counting all his matches for wins , winning the Catalans to Real Sociedad and Atletico Osasuna, 4-1 and 2 – 1 were the markers.

The Real Madrid remains in third place after winning 1-2 at Elche, in a game marked by controversial decisions of the referee Muniz Fernandez, who after Elche and after the club – Sevilla of Round 4. In the fourth position continues after winning 2-1 Villarreal Espanyol, breaking the streak of the parrots that had not lost in league.


The Athletic Bilbao at San Mames rallied goal from Jorge Molina and ended up winning the Betis to climb to fifth place. Scale also positions the Valencia, which in full civil war brought knew the 3 points after winning 0-1 Granada. With two straight wins in the league, the rivers are fewer revolts now in the city of Turia, although the team locker Djukic is a tinderbox. Read more »

Tips to taking a penalty kick

Take a penalty kick is one of the most important parts of the game of football, but most teams practice it until the last moment. Some teams have forgotten to prepare for this title in a tournament or champions league betting where the outcome is decided through penalties.

Most teams have one or two designated penalty kick takers. It is important to practice taking penalties regardless of your position or if you are the designated taker shot penalty. You never know when you will be called as well, but if the opportunity presents itself, and then follow these tips and they will surely help you score your goal.

Tips to taking a penalty kick

Step # 1) were drawn on the net there are various options to take, however, you must choose an area that you feel more comfortable. If this angle is at the bottom left, then try shooting again and again on that corner. Nevertheless, it is good to have a second option. Just be sure to decide before you start what corner you shoot and stick to it. Read more »

ATP Bangkok 2013: Lopez and Berdych to 4th, ATP Kuala Lumpur 2013: 4th Ferrer, Almagro removed

The Toledo Feliciano Lopez (6) and Czech Tomas Berdych (1) – who beat Roberto Bautista-Agut – today, won their ticket to the quarter-finals in Bangkok while Denis Istomin, Yen-Hsun Lu, Igor Sijsling and Russian Mikhail Youzhny (5) advanced to the second round.

In Kuala Lumpur the Alicante David Ferrer qualified for rooms with Argentine Federico Del Bonis and Frenchman Adrian Mannarino – Murcia who beat Nicolas Almagro.

atp bangkok 2013

In Bangkok Feliciano fired 14 aces to beat the Japanese Go Soeda in straight sets 7-6 (5) 6-3 in 1 hour 22 minutes but the Castellon Roberto Bautista-Agut could not repeat the feat of Chennai and lost to Tomas Berdych with double 6-3 in similar time. Read more »

Exercises to prepare for the race

Every day more people are encouraged to take to the streets to practice one of the activities inherent in the human: running. From the beginning, the human race has needed to feed, move and avoid the dangers that have stalked.

But today, in this sedentary society, most people do not possess structures coordinative adapted to the needs and career conditional. Excess hours sitting, sedentary work activities and leisure time have misconfigured your body lying to the point that some moves that should be part of your day to day become harmful.

Exercises to prepare for the race


When you start running, you should take certain precautions and specific exercises to help you cope with the stress caused by this activity. One of the benefits of these exercises is lumbopelvic stability, ie stabilize the structures of the pelvis and lumbar spine. The column is transmitting forces between the arms and legs and, if not stable, can cause problems of contractures, protrusions or hernias.

Also important is the mobility of the hip: for the pelvis and spine are not pulled by the movements generated in the legs, we have optimal mobility in this joint. Moreover, it is important to achieve stability of the knee, as if the hip (or ankle) has little mobility, the body will compensate for this deficit with his knee, at which problems start in this area in most cases.


The Deadlift and Deadlift are probably along with the Squat exercise more interesting and “functional” than you have at hand. No doubt, when done properly, essential collaborates lumbopelvic stability and mobility of the pelvis. The key to exercise is to keep the physiological curvature of the spine in the neutral zone, away from excessive swing. It is the main exercise for the proper function of the posterior chain with the squat.


An exercise much more completes than traditional extensions developed quadriceps and anterior and posterior chain working together and coordinated. Aspects such as the position of the column, the position of the knees during ascent and descent, the proper hand grip and head position are critical for the exercise to be useful for runners and cyclists.


The lunges or lunges are an essential exercise which improves coordination and strength of the structures responsible for the propulsion and the stance phase during running. Properly perform the patellar tendon will effectively exert tension on the tibia and achieve away from nagging tendinitis.

Aspects such as the separation and alignment of the hip, knee and foot or trunk position are essential for the exercise have profits (or losses if not done well) important. Like the previous two, is a global exercise, where many structures must perform their function.

Hip Thrusth

It is the favorite exercise for all those people who want to develop a powerful buttock since this muscle works especially fundamentally involved in hip extension during the propulsive phase. It is essential for all riders, but especially for those who work with series fast or do their workouts in costs.


Often used as a test of stability / mobility of all hip / knee, many coaches start using it as a proper exercise within the session. The single-leg position makes it become an exercise in which most of the body is involved for proper implementation.


Work on Step or Step, in its different variants of step (front, side, crossover, controlled hip rotation, etc.) provides a gesture that is related in many ways to the race. During the concentric phase of contraction, perform the act of propelling very similarly to how hacesen the race, especially when run through steep terrain.

Glute Bridge

Often used in programs with more aesthetic component (especially in women), it is an interesting exercise for runners because it improves the propulsive phase of support during the race.

Kettlbell Swing

It is important to use heavy weights whenever you can perform the exercise without any glitch. We should try to make the most of the inertia of the resistance to cause a stretch-shortening cycle effective posterior chain, so you get a real transfer to the race.

Nordic Hamstring

An analytical exercise does impact on hamstring, a muscle particularly in demand for this type of activity. Due to its characteristics, accentuating the load during the eccentric phase gives us strength gains without any excess shortening common problem in many corridors and main cause of many knee and hip injuries.

Musculador previous Chain Strap

Finally, there is an exercise with which you can work through the previous chain as a whole. During the eccentric phase of the exercise is particularly relevant to the patellar tendon protection, improving the arrangement of its fibers and its tolerance for voltages that often results in tendinosis when performed without suitable adaptation of the tendon.

Moreover, by the arrangement of the body can work the rectus muscles in full extension, something that is sometimes complicated and that causes muscle weakness not present.

How to face the pressure of sports training

pressure of sports training

Having the right attitude, be well fed and sleep well are some practices that will help you withstand the pressure of training, pay more and get good results.

Playing a sport at an intense level is something that can often seem hard. The pressure can get to excel workouts but in order to progress in the sport we practice it is important to put up with a bold and responsible.

Psych and have good attitude in training

The first step to withstand the pressure of the training is to have the right attitude when we turn to them. Go to training is useless unmotivated. Therefore, we must be aware of if we really want to practice our sport. Knowing what we like and ask goals is paramount. A good idea is to think you brands goals and you can overcome without too much difficulty.

pressure of sports training

For example, if you play an individual sport, set a goal to obtain an average of points in matches is greater. Fixed a number and ask yourself when you get another. Also you might consider getting gain muscle mass or have greater endurance. Propose beat someone not bad idea competitiveness is not a bad thing in some cases. Read more »

2013 Singapore GP Formula 1: the intractable Vettel adds another pole, Alonso is seventh

Sebastian Vettel remains intractable and this Saturday it has become a new pole position at the Singapore GP which has shown an overwhelming superiority over its rivals. In this way the German ranks as the favorite to win at Marina Bay, a result that, if it occurs, would deal a further blow to the drivers’ title would be even closer to the windows of Red Bull.

Nico Rosberg and Romain Grosjean have been in the second and third place while behind them were classified Mark Webber and Lewis Hamilton. With these results it has become clear that Red Bull, Lotus and Mercedes are one step ahead of Ferrari that has achieved sixth place with Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso in the seventh so for Italians poor balance is likely to start soon thinking about next year’s car.

2013 singapore gp

The Red Bull team and, above all, Sebastian Vettel had been above the rest in free sessions and that has led them to take a risky proficiency in official qualifying session. For example in Q1 pilots energy drink did not go to the track until the last minutes. Before they left the Mercedes but send out as they began to dominate the timesheets in a shootout in which as usual fell pilots of the weakest teams to which Paul Di Resta added. Read more »

Andy Murray will go through surgery and will miss the rest of season

A tennis season still has very important appointments before the holidays and in them, we miss to Andy Murray, one of the best players on the circuit. Back problems of British tennis player forced him to stop to go through surgery, so we will not ever see him on the tracks until the beginning of the 2014 season.

Murray has played all season with these problems, for example, made him give up the Roland Garros tournament.

Andy Murray

Rest and came well to conservative treatment Scot who failed to win Wimbledon but their results in the American tour were worse than in previous years and in the U.S. Open ended in the quarterfinals against Wawrinka eliminated. Read more »

2013-2014 Champions Leagues: Barca starts beating people to Ajax

It is curious that two major European footballs like Barcelona and Ajax Amsterdam, with 4 European Cups each, would not have ever faced in a competitive match until today. Random wanted to match them in this Champions League 2013-2014 and in addition to the premiere of this new European course at the Camp Nou. And the release could not be better, to win and win.

Were the 21 minutes it took to Barcelona to open the can, and did the usual, Leo Messi, with a good shot from a free kick that Vermeer could do nothing? It was the best chance of a Barcelona that had dominated but had not created great occasions, before an Ajax whose approach was to defend with his front man a few meters from the edge of his own area.

barcelona and ajax

The 1-0 changed the mentality of the De Boer, who gave a great little step forward in pressure and output complicated the Barcelona game. The Martino started abusing the long ball, to the chagrin of his coach, and lost control of a match so far uneventful. Even Valdes had to appear to solve a couple of dangerous actions of the Dutch. Read more »

2013-2014 Champions League: Real Madrid start winning by 1-6 to Galatasaray

The Real Madrid started with a very good start this edition of the Champions League and that has resulted in his visit to Galatasaray win. The white team ended up winning 1-6 with goals from Cristiano Ronaldo triplet and doublet Benzema scored after the initial both Isco was the one who opened the scoring and changed the game. In the other match with Spanish team was not so fortunate as Real Sociedad lost against Shakhtar.

Although the end result was very bulky Madrid also went through times of trouble before Isco goal in the 33rd minute of the first half. Galatasaray also came briskly after the break but Benzema’s second goal after a power failure of the Turks ended his resistance and from there the game if it was very comfortable for Ancelotti who stay with the group lead.


Real Madrid coach made lineup changes over the last league match and, as previously announced, placed Iker Casillas holder. However, football is capricious and luck had always smiled at the white keeper has left after 10 minutes because he had to retire injured after an accidental collision with Sergio Ramos who hit his side. He also played in midfield alongside Modric Croatian Kedhira giving a very good performance and being the best in the crash along with Isco, Cristiano and Benzema. Read more »


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