The Advantages Offered By Hybrid Clubs

Hybrid clubs, such as the cleveland hybrid club(s), are gaining in popularity with recreational golfers and pros alike. Sometimes called utility clubs, this technology combines the best features of woods and irons. Aside from lightening their golf bag, these clubs offer golfers a number of advantages.

According to manufacturers and players, hybrids increase air and mitigate mishits. These clubs were created as a replacement for long irons, specifically the two, three, and four irons, though they can sometimes do the work of the five iron as well. They provide an easier hit and aid in gaining greater air height on long shots.

Though these type of clubs were an instant hit with amateurs, professionals are also beginning to see the advantages of this technology. Those who’ve used these clubs say they achieve better accuracy and more forgiveness than with traditional irons. New golfers are encouraged to buy a hybrid set, which usually omits the three and four irons and replaces them with utility clubs. Even seasoned golfers say they notice a marked improvement in performance and accuracy.

Recreational golfers usually lack two important elements that make using traditional long irons a disadvantage for them: swing speed and skill. They don’t have the experience to hit low and keep their head behind the ball on the swing through on a constant basis, and they don’t have the same speed and accuracy. The hybrid club is thicker, which changes the center of gravity, and has a larger dimension at the face. This levels the playing field, so to speak.

Tips for winter training

The sport is very good for our health . Not only for a matter of aesthetics, but also to keep in top form, both physically and psychologically. So far I think we all agree.

However, when we do not practice the sport more suitable for our physical condition, with appropriate supplements and in the right way, rather than what benefits will be problems. And so in our article today we want to help equip you with the right accessories to go running during the winter months.

winter training
ideas for


Do not let the cold, wind and rain stop you and get ready to enjoy a good session running in winter. Get in shape without spending a single drop of cold. How? Take a look.

The first and most important is motivation. Without it, we will continue comfortably seated on our couch. A good idea to force us to go running to seek partners or point us to a group of runners . The company will be more fun.

Your feet warm and protected

Your feet are very important, so choose the most appropriate footwear. Do not be swayed by aesthetics and make sure you choose the best shoes that fit your feet , your weight and even your type of tread. The convenience, flexibility and cushioning are other aspects to keep in mind when choosing shoes running .

The right clothes

And as our mothers and grandmothers would say: it’s a cold wrap up! If we are going jogging in the winter, we need the right clothes. Rain waterproof fabrics and also keep the heat in our body. And do not forget the raincoat home because I assure you that you’ll need it. In addition, it is also important to go for clothes that have reflective elements because winter is done before night.

Finally, I recommend that you buy your clothes and accessory specialty stores , as the materials are of higher quality. Or you want to catch a cold run in the rain?

Finally, stretching and initial preheating, is best done in a dry location where not too cold.

And you, what do you recommend?

Tips for becoming a better all around hockey defenseman

Be a better all around hockey defense not just of stick handling, is improve his overall technique in order to serve his team. Be a defense is a position that comes with a lot of responsibilities and requires an intelligent person to act decisively in high pressure situations. To avoid costly mistakes, as the settlement out of place at the wrong time, or even to allow a dreaded “goal in own goal”, good defense can update their skills through these tips and proven techniques.

Get to know your teammates

During a defensive posture, a defense is located near one of the central areas of the game, close to the goal. While there may be several players manipulate the disc in the middle of the ice, a defense has to be prepared for the attack. Knowing that fellow defender and strengths and weaknesses of the goalkeeper will serve to make that a defensive team better, since we will work together to protect the lens.

Tips for becoming a better all around hockey defensemen

Knowing how he is likely to respond each individual it means that you can adapt to your own technique to work alongside their own. For example, if the goalkeeper has a great glove, but cannot be locked too well, and then help with defensive tricks such as keep shooting on the side of the glove that go a long way towards the prevention of the goals of the event. Read more »

Golf Swing Tips for Beginners

Golf has grown in popularity in the last decade. Anyone can start playing at any age, and everything you need to get started is a good advice about the golf swing. The golf swing is a mechanical process that needs to be refined and repeated correctly every time.

Nice and Easy

No matter what you do with a golf swing, you will find that it is much better when taking it nice and easy. You will see professionals that deep and slow breaths before hitting the ball in an important shot, and there is a reason for this.

Golf Swing Tips for Beginners

His golf swing must be in pace with your breath, and that’s that professionals try to keep their breath in important situations. Learn how to use the breath as an indicator of your golf swing tempo and you will find that you can keep a soft rhythm in any situation. Read more »

Seve Trophy Golf 2013: Continental Europe won the trophy 15-13

This Sunday the Saint Nom La Breteche of France hosted the final day of the Seve Trophy ‘, tournament player name Spanish played in similar format to the Ryder Cup teams Continental Europe and Britain & Ireland came tied to the but in the final day singles matches mainlanders were left with the trophy winning 15-13.

Of the 10 games that were put into play the wards of Jose Maria Olazabal won the victory in June . This is the second title that lifts the Continental Europe team came seeing traditionally passed by the British as evidenced by the fact that the first of his titles came back in 2000.

Seve Trophy Golf 2013

Chris Wood played the final match with Francesco Molinari and had a chance to win to tie but gave no Italian player option and won by 3 & 2. On this last day also highlighted the overwhelming victory of Miguel Angel Jimenez while Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano has gone more or less but could pull a major draw in the first match of the day. Read more »

Seve Trophy Golf 2013: the British team cut differences and placed 4.5 to 5.5

The Saint Nom La Breteche Paris hosted the second day of the Seve Trophy in which golfers have reacted British team closing the gap on the scoreboard. Although Continental Europe continues to lead the tournament and the difference is only one point the score being 5.5 to 4.5 with just two rounds remaining.

The games format was similar to Friday we told you during the first day, ie five games of fourballs swings left us in qualifying because Continental Europe dominated part of the day but the players of Great Britain and Ireland drove around some games on the last hole.

seve trophy golf 2013

This happened for example in the party that faced David Lynn and Scott Jamieson against Matteo Manassero and Francesco Molinari. The Italian couple dominated the match from the beginning but never got away on the scoreboard and gave oxygen to the British who made birdies at 17 and 18 to turn the game around and win with a lead hole. Read more »

2013-2014 Champions League: Real Madrid wins to Copenhagen doubles by Cristiano Ronaldo and Di Maria

The Real Madrid has fulfilled predictions that gave as a favorite against Copenhagen and has resulted in winning his second game of the group stage of the Champions League. Whites did not have too many problems with the Danish champion prevailed 4-0 doubles by Cristiano Ronaldo and Angel Di Maria.

Carlo Ancelotti’s team did not sentence the game until midway through the second half and before going to rest suffered a bit because the mark was closest to Copenhagen after a shot against the crossbar and back possible penalty of Modric by hand but the referee did not say anything.

Cristiano Ronaldo

In the second half Di Maria stole the show and was instrumental in that whites had a comfortable end of game that could give minutes to homegrown as Morata and Jesse. The Real Madrid arrived at the party after the defeat against Atletico Madrid and had before it a good opportunity to redress their injuries against an opponent who promised to be quite comfortable. Read more »

2013-2014 Champions Leagues: Atletico win in Porto and the rest of the Round 2

We continue with a summary of the day on Tuesday in the Champions League and after you have told Barca’s victory at Celtic Park continue with good news for Spanish football because Atletico Madrid was also imposed field home in Porto. Hopefully the streak to follow Spanish football matches on Wednesday at Real Madrid and Real Sociedad.

The victories of Barca and Atletico Madrid were placed with 6 points and are a step ahead of the qualifying round. Also have ended the day with victory other favorites will be in the next round as Chelsea suffered the injury of Fernando Torres, the Borussia Dortmund or Arsenal that has been imposed to Naples in one of the featured matches of the day.

2013-2014 champions leagues

Group E: Chelsea and Schalke win at home

In Group E Chelsea had to right the ship after its defeat in the first round against Basel and did well because thrashed Steaua 0-4 in a match that Fernando Torres had to retire due to knee injury that will tests on Monday. Steaua gave many facilities and even scored an own goal the third both. Ramires Lampard twice and made the other goals in this game that Mata was a starter. Read more »

Champions League 2013/2014: Barca suffers but takes the victory of Celtic Park

The FC Barcelona overcame the ordeal Scottish and got the 3 points on their visit to Glasgow Celtic thanks to a header from Cesc Fabregas in the 75 minutes. Until that time the Barca game was thick, remembering the first matches of Tata Martino bench in front of the Blaugrana, but the electricity of Neymar and success with Argentine changes were enough to break a hard Celtic, which was in 10 after the expulsion of Brown at 58.

With the known low of Messi but the firmness shown in the Barcelona league championship in Glasgow appeared to continue the good run and pass bury the ghost of last year’s result, when they fell by 2 goals to 1. In other matches of the day had victories, for example, Atletico Madrid, Arsenal and Dortmund.

barcelona champions league

Without the Argentine Barca was thick, the ball at all times but unable to penetrate the Scottish wall. Although not attack Celtic virtually the entire first half, his aggressiveness back held off the Catalans with massive physical by Lennon. Only Iniesta and Neymar seemed to try something different, but the hard marking started from the center of the field hands and feet tied to Martino. Read more »

ATP Bangkok: Raonic champion, ATP Kuala Lumpur 2013: Sousa champion

The Canadian Milos Raonic (3) defeated Czech Tomas Berdych (1) in the final of the Thailand Open on Sunday playing at full steam with their service. It was the second Canadian title in 2013 and the fifth this throughout his career.

Meanwhile in Kuala Lumpur Portuguese Joao Sousa got a historic title for his country topping the French Julien Benneteau (4) that it adds up lost nine finals, a record also historic.

milos raonic

Raonic won in 1 hour and 17 minutes to Czech Thomas Berdych, top seed 7-6 (4) 6-3 in the final of the tournament in Bangkok with 18 aces in his favor. A game of two strong punches ended up being more comfortable than expected for Canadian because Berdych not lived up to the occasion and won little kick. The Czech has yet to win any tournament this season. Read more »


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