NBA: What is the developmental league?

Many already know what it is to the D-League but not everyone knows it, so take this circumstance and we are going to explain that it is the D-League, known by its acronym NBDL, or simply as D-League.


For many, the D-League is a competition of subsidiaries, but not so. It is true that every team in the D-League is associated with one of the NBA, or more in some cases, and it is true that NBA teams move players between your computer and your partner roster, but are not subsidiaries. Each team in the D-League is a proper team, with players under contract, except with the special feature that can be received on time NBA players.

An NBA team can only send to the development League, to your partner team, players who have less than three years of experience in the League, and then get it when you want to, and so many times you want the club and the Player cannot object. Can also be sent to players who have 3 or more years of experience in the league, only if the player himself agrees, that usually happens very rarely.

But these teams are in turn associated players under contract. These players, who seek in this league to win a place in any NBA team, do not have to sign with the team associated with the NBA D-League team, but it can do for any team. For example, a fellow at the Idaho Stampede Claver may sign for any team in the NBA, not necessarily for the Blazers, if given the chance.

And it works roughly the D-League. Away from the subject of associated equipment of the players that dance between NBA and NBDL and others, is an ordinary league, with a competition format almost similar to the NBA, even with his own party of the stars, which players use as a platform to make the jump to the NBA, or in the case of Claver, not to stagnate in the closet and take the minutes that they have in the league.

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