NBA: Spurs fined for not fielding their best players

A few days ago the Spurs played in Miami before the powerful Heat which was their sixth game in eight days; in a rather complicated tour that San Antonio team had by solving quite well. Popovich, San Antonio coach, took a complex decision but totally normal for that game, which was nothing but to rest their key players.


San Antonio Spurs is a team veteran and the next match was against Memphis Grizzlies, NBA leaders and rivals in the fight for the playoffs and especially for being the best in the West. And this is the context, totally understandable, which Popovich four players sent home for not playing the game against the Miami Heat, the NBA context that does not understand.

To see how this league, as Stern learned that neither Parker or Duncan or Ginobili played the game against the Heat released a statement announcing that he would take action. It was a Thursday night game, open broadcast nationally on TNT, and NBA commissioner would not tolerate that because of Popovich saw a show fans decaf.

Thus, the Spurs have been punished with a fine of $ 250,000 and no one could say that is unfair, as is typified in writing that you cannot go against the interests of the competition. And the interest of the NBA is none other than the show, and sell your product, Parker, Ginobili and Duncan have to be on the court as well as on the other side were Bosh, James and Wade.

Debatable or not, the fact is that it works in the NBA, and running well the product is profitable. Not that Popovich, or any other coach cannot manage his staff as he wants, but to rest their top players cannot take advantage of a televised game on Thursday, where millions of viewers are waiting to see a show. The show over basketball league teams above. Stern model works well, and the results are obvious.

Fine apart, Popovich has not gone wrong the play. He lost to the Heat, a lesser evil, but reaffirmed alternates to the last possession and had chances to win. And this morning the Spurs defeated the Grizzlies, his real opponent in the Western Conference, with the Big Three of Spurs contributing 67 of the 99 points of his team.

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