NBA All Star 2013: first count of votes

The first count of votes for the 2013 All Star Game to be held in February in the city of Houston, is now completed, and it should be noted that as expected, there are no surprises. Lebron James is the Voted player, followed closely by Kobe Bryant and a little behind Kevin Durant. The three have already exceeded the figure of 600,000 votes.

AllStar 2013

In the Eastern Conference, Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo have been voted the two bases, and the third on the list is Deron Williams, with 150,000 votes less than Rondo, approximately. As to the eaves, the aforementioned Lebron James, alongside Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett are the three best games. Chris Bosh is the fourth in discord, and conflict with Garnett for a starting job can be tough, because not many votes separating them.

In the Western Conference, Kobe Bryant and Chris Paul are top rated players, with Jeremy Lin in the third position waiting to hunt down Paul, which seems difficult. The vote on the eaves is also being quite clear, with Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard and Blake Griffin with a handful of votes, plenty more than the fourth in the classification which is Tim Duncan.

Pau Gasol is the player who has received more votes, exceeding 100,000, which brings him forward to be the fifth most votes in the West. Serge Ibaka are behind, with just over 68,000 votes, and Marc Gasol, with nearly 62,000 votes. Ricky Rubio on the other hand is less than 55,000 votes, but now that the tracks will surely get more votes for next count.

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