Lucian has regained confidence

Lucian and I had always won as a team and we have learned to lose as a team. There are many athletes, who share ownership of the successes and disappointments, but Lucian is not like that and he deserves my admiration. We decided to make a comeback after the defeat against Carl Froch, but with an improved team.

Lucian Bute

We took a certain routine, but with a little more confidence. Historically, Lucian was sometimes on autopilot and the idea was to bring the manual mode. Years led he to develop certain reflexes was correct because he won, but it was important to reassess everything. Should not, however believe that everything we did before was not good. That Lucian has done over the years is simply remarkable. He defended his belt against opponents who were available and despite what people may say, we do not see a time when a Quebec boxer can repeat his exploits.

It is really not easy to be on top all this time, because this level, even worse is good. The champion has the pressure to win, to give a good show, selling tickets and prepare for his next fight. This is not an easy task! I always come back with the same two examples to illustrate what Lucian lived. One is like someone who is the victim of a traffic accident and has his driver’s license for 30 years. This does not mean that it has been 30 years since he misbehaves.

It also can’t stop taking the wheel, however. Two, Lucian is like an F1 driver, who missed a turn, which made 14 tons and is miraculously unscathed. He will have one day or another back in the fireball and take the turn where he crashed. Lucian I know very well and I know that this is a guy who has big goals and knows its limits. It will not be the kind of stretch the sauce. Rounds of sparring convinced me he has regained confidence and if it had been wrong to drive, we would have simply pushed the fight.

A big loss for the world of boxing Emanuel Steward and I exchanged a few texting when Lucian won his fights and we even met last year in Montreal. I wanted to know his opinion on some issues, including how a coach should be treated with great athletes. Steward was a great communicator and he took the athletes as they were and never tried to form his own way. For some people, it may seem 68 years old, but Steward has left us with a lot of things that would able to share. He could still teach 10 or 15 years, so it was an encyclopedia of incredible wealth. Steward, as Freddie Roach, was in a class by itself. It is a big loss for the world of boxing. His departure is definitely occurred too quickly.

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