Lionel Messi and Muller’s record

The Argentine star still can match or surpass the record achieved in 1973 by Gerd Muller. Will he succeed?

Lionel Messi

On Wednesday, Barcelona held its breath. A clash between Benfica goalkeeper, Artur, and Lionel Messi ended with La Pulga on the ground and with obvious signs of pain. They feared the worst. Many thought (including Argentine) the injury would be of long duration. Most cursed the budding interest equal or surpass the record set Gerd Muller in 1973, when he scored 85 goals in a calendar year.

However, after hours of uncertainty, jumped the positive news, Messi had only suffered a bruised left knee and could even play this Sunday against Betis. The illusion of achieving record Muller returned to Messi’s mind while more cautious fans think it would be better to have the Argentine in cotton and forget a record that, in the end, neither going nor coming to Barcelona in their whole.

Yes that is the collective interest of Barca Argentine physical condition, the player who pulls the strings and Barcelona, with or without a record, will have much to say on the successes Barca. Without Messi, Barca loses spark box and feel weak. In Argentina, is fierce and strong as the Flea, the player who left his weakness with the arrival of Pep Guardiola on the bench cule.

Santpedor coach was able to solve the only weak point was the Argentine: his physical problems. Based on a balanced diet and proper training, Messi left behind his constant injuries like muscle and shows just worth noting that the last occurrence of this type dates from the Argentine March 4, 2008.

Since then, it has been more than four years that Messi has shared joys and successes at Barça right and left. Your staff is the umpteenth challenge to match the Torpedo Muller. A possible is vital challenge for Barcelona who thinks only care for your star.

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