Learning to Swim: Step by step you will succeed!

Learning to swim is not only a necessity for those who wish to practice swimming as a sport, but for all people as a precaution for any eventuality that may happen to be in spas or accident while traveling on cruise ships and some other vessels.

When a child is born knowing does swim because it has remained for months in an aquatic environment, but to not put their skills this is lost and sometimes even fear the water reaches learning difficult. It displays a simple to learn easily.



  • Learn to float. This will help you lose the fear of water and you will notice that it is very difficult to sink when a person lies relaxed on the water. The best way is released back on the water with the confidence that it is going to sink, leaning his head without being tense in the least. The head will sink to the ears but no further and feel the support of the water. Extend your arms to give more balance to the body and also released her legs to float on the surface. At no resistance to water and lean on her body fleet and makes it even more easily in salt water.
  • Learn to propel through the feet. Use a wooden board or foam that will not sink to hold hands in learning to be reinforced by the movement of the feet. This will give more power to your swim once you learn any style. Practice for several weeks until your progress is very fast either to move the feet alternately up and down and bending your legs at the knees and pulling the kick with both legs. These two styles of kick serve for all pools.
  • Learn to use arms in freestyle. This style is one of the easiest to learn and involves lifting arms above head height and place alternately in the water with the hands of singing in order to minimize resistance, but once it is under water The hand that is ahead of the head should be a kind of spoon and pull with forces water back while passing arm as close to the body. With one arm going back the other does forward approximately 180 degrees from each other like the blades of an airplane. Simultaneously should go kicking movements up and down alternately also, as a foot up the other goes down. Initially head out of the water can go completely.
  • Learn to breathe as anything in freestyle. It’s time to dip his head as nothing and learn to breathe without having to maintain tension in the neck. In the swim for pleasure often move his right arm forward as it tilts her head to the left end for the mouth out of the water and inhaling air, while moving the left arm forward again plunges head. The mouth can be drawn on the side that is most natural. The frequency with which the head is removed varies breathing power to spend less time doing it, and can hold their breath for two, three or more cycles.
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