La Masia: eleven points

The FC Barcelona jumped at the chance to put Real Madrid to eleven points and won quite emphatically at UD Levante by 0-4. With Puyol and Pique as a pair in the back after all this time, Dani Alves became the only player in the starting lineup has not been formed in La Masia. But the victory was forged with eleven youth players on the field, as Brazilian side after injuring quarter hour, his replacement, Montoya, closed the circle of a landmark: never before had formed the club with a team full of homegrown players.

FC Barcelona

The release of Jose Ignacio Martinez raised the game as it usually does: 4-2-3-1 that becomes a defensive 4-4-1-1, with lines and outputs together extremely counter as fast as possible. So took the three points the previous day, at the Riazor, where I spot check something I have not stopped saying ever since: a long time since I saw a team swing so well as do granotas.

Today again flaunting that virtue, as well closing the spaces Barca failed to fire into the net until the 29th minute with a shot from Xavi after he caught Munua reject without problems. Barca pulled patience with attacks on refolding Levante and more vertical exits after the backlash from local , looking to open the can against a team that sells very expensive the first goal, but after that, when forced to more open, they can get their hands more easily.

Back from break, Iniesta and Messi decided that the party had to end in ten minutes. Don Andrés became cones granota entire defense with two plays in which he attended for the crack Messi Argentina achieved a double victory and eventually gave a pepinazo which held old-fashioned, small jump and fist. Ten minutes, from 47 to 57: end of story.

The Levante would not leave much of their field and not taking too many risks to be a win scandalous, allowing Barca hogging possession and conserve his strength. Vilanova had time for two men entering nursing newly retrieved, Thiago and Adriano, with special reference to the first, by the length of its low. And Valdes still had time to write his own feat, stopping a penalty Barkero and a second shot from close range.

Barca did not miss the opportunity and has put Madrid to eleven points. However, should not lose sight of the whites, the only team in the world that could overcome a well. Next week the two teams face each other in Madrid. Maybe that game will let things clearer.

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