Kent Cortese surprises and takes his 2nd win in Valencia Moto3

The Moto3 World was the first contest category in his last race of the season at the Cheste circuit, where rain and road conditions have starred, but the most exciting from the start, and even around positioning grill we had the first surprise of the day when polesitter Jonas Folger had problems on your machine, quickly coming to pit lane to try out a career, but could not get out from the position of honor and touching her comeback, and that forced him to start from the pit lane.

Kent Cortese

The start was very good for Sandro Cortese, Miguel Oliveira and Luis Salom, 39 being the fastest in the early laps, but he has been losing strength, leaving the top positions in German hand champion Efren Vazquez and Miguel Oliveira so much emotion, while Salom went back with presumed problems in Moto3. Behind Vinales approached him and then have started a fight as intense, even more exciting than men to head, as this fight was in positions beyond the top 10.

In head Cortese grabbed the first position, with intense fight between Efren and Miguel , while our 7 has forced much under braking and has been closed direction sweeping away into Portuguese, so I fall for both the most positive is that Efren has taken the blame and apologized to her partner will be in 2013 in Mahindra.

A lack of 5 laps we saw how he was in the lead Cortese had a pretty serious scare, and the pilots approached him from behind, but quickly regained sensation and has not lost focus dominating the race, managing to maintain the first position to the last turn when left or unwilling to take risk or is confused, and perhaps did not know that was so close rivals, since in the last corner Kent has given a deadly ax to his teammate, getting his second victory of the season in Moto3. Go temporadon the British, and the KTM dominating Kent 1st, 2nd and Khairuddin Cortese 3rd.

The top 10 has been to Binder 4th, 5th Faubel, Rossi 6th, 7th Kornfeil, Vinales 8th, 9th and Salom Garlic 10th. Hector carreron lot and has been forced to fall on the last lap, but finished 5th in his return to the Championship, enjoying what was his last race in Moto3 category.

On the other Spanish riders have had in the 12th Guevara Rodriguez 15th, Rins 16 º, 20 º I.Vinales. Very So victory for Kent, for Luis Salom runner thanks to his tenth place and also good news for Alex Rins , that despite not having a great day in Valencia has become the rookie of the 2012 season.

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