Katusha remained unlicensed World Tour on ethical

When Katusha ran out World Tour license for 2013, we all get a surprise, and some put their hands to their heads. How could a team that had more than fulfilled the sporting merit and also met the economic requirements to stay off the list of 18?


He himself confirmed team manager, former Russian cyclist Viatcheslav Ekimov. These are the arguments that the UCI has given regarding the decision of the Licensing Commission, a body which, remember, operates independently.

In recent years, Katusha riders have been hunted, such as Antonio Colom, Christan Pfannberger and Denis Galimzyanov. Another rider implicated in doping affairs Alexander Kolobnev, although the latter was later acquitted of their crimes. Anyway, Kolobnev not waged since on your back is the triumph of having sold the Liege-Bastogne-Liege 2010 Vinokourov.

Beyond that, in the team there are several riders who are currently under investigation by the Italian judiciary to be related to Dr. Ferrari, the former doctor of Lance Armstrong and that it is a long list of cyclists. Within that list find Denis Menchov, one appointed by the UCI as a suspect, and other cyclists as Mikhail Ignatiev and Vladimir Gusev.

Ekimov denies this and claims that the Licensing Commission has noted above, the powers that be. And within that command Ekimov find himself, who was mate Lance Armstrong’s U.S. Postal several years, and certainly that part of the American doping programs. Katusha also goes by Erik Zabel, the great German sprinter who, like most of Telekom riders in the 90, had super gasoline.

You see, if it is for purely ethical reasons, the truth is that there is good reason to drop out of World Tour Katusha. The problem is, from my point of view, most of the computers that are part of the World Tour for 2013 also suspended at this point. Be as strong, Katusha claim the TAS, and have story time or 19 teams next year with assured place in the Grand Tours.

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